19 September

Perfect Tassels Tutorial

I love adding tassels to my crochet projects, and the best ones are plump and luxurious.  Here's the technique I use to make mine... it's very easy.

1.  Decide on the length you want your tassels to be, and cut a piece of card a little longer than the desired finished size.  Around 12cm - 15cm is usually pretty good.  I sometimes use a small book to make tassels, or a piece of strong card that won't bend easily.  Wrap the yarn around the card about 40 times.  You can vary this, depending on the thickness of the yarn and how plump you like your tassels.  The yarn I am using in this tutorial is 8ply (DK).

2.  Cut a piece of yarn a little longer than twice the length of the card.  Thread it through the top of the tassel twice as shown.
3.  Tie the piece of yarn in a tight and strong knot.

4.  Carefully remove the yarn from the card, and cut through the looped ends at the bottom of the tassel.

5. Take another length of yarn around twice the length of the tassel.  Wrap it tightly around the tassel as shown (I usually wrap it twice), to form a ball at the top.  Tie a secure knot.

6.  Using a yarn needle, thread the ends into the centre of the tassel.

7.  Tidy up the tassel by trimming the ends, and you're finished!  The two yarn ends at the top are used to tie the tassel to your project.  After attaching, these ends can be threaded down through the middle of the tassel as in step 6.

Here are some ideas for using your tassels.  I always attach them to my bunting, and love adding them to the corners of cushions.  You can create a luxurious fringe by attaching an entire row of tassels.
The more you make the easier and faster the process becomes.  Have fun!