Saturday, December 19, 2009


... inspired by one of my favourite artists, Paul Klee. Vellum, machine stitching, oil pastel and gocco prints.

Not a lot of crocheting happening here at the moment, apart from smaller projects like these water bottle holders in organic cotton yarn.

As you may have noticed, the etsy store that was to open a couple of months ago has been put on the back burner. Too much happening lately, so I decided it would be more realistic to wait until the new year. I've been painting, Gocco printing and playing with oil pastels and have the makings of a new series of work, so I'll keep you posted!
Well, it's all systems go at the moment with Christmas nearly here, a week before we head off to the Woodford Folk Festival, and two weeks until we see Andrew Bird at the Opera House. Can't wait!


Elizabeth Munro said...

Gorgeous Rett!!! Love the water bottle cover too hiding the "Another Bloody Water Bottle" ;)

Petrina McDonald said...

ooohhhh....looking good Loretta...i like the sound of a 'series': now you have to commit to more than one piece ;-)

Serene Ho said...

beautiful love the vellum effect.

Ohio Artful Yogi said...

Love the neighborhood work. Just gorgeous.
Loretta, Artful Yogi

Anonymous said...

Its pretty lame to post a small crochet project like that and not at least link up to the pattern.

Rett said...

Sorry, anonymous commenter! I'm just learning how to write patterns now, and this was way back in 2009! I made this one up as I went along, but I'm sure there are similar patterns out there - perhaps you can do a search on Ravelry and find something.