Wednesday, November 07, 2012

you are worthy

I had a wonderful day at an artist market in Toowoomba last Sunday, part of The Range Arts Festival (wish I lived closer, so I could be attending more events!)

By far the best part of my day was a serendipitious meeting with two lovely artists from my own region... Deanna and Christine (Hi to both of you if you happen to read this!)

I first met Deanna when she visited my Cottage Industry exhibition at Warwick Art Gallery about a year ago.  She was inspired by the mixed media artwork on display and we had a few brief conversations, and I ended up lending her some of the Cloth Paper Scissors magazines I had at home.  Just like me several years ago, she wasn't very confident in her own creativity, and would not have referred to herself as "an artist", but still felt that stirring within her to be creating something.

So it was wonderful to be setting up my stall the other day, and hear a "hello Loretta", turn around and see Deanna there - with her own stall full of her own artwork!  She was there with her friend Christine, who takes beautiful photographs.  Thank you to both of you - it was very nice to talk to you both.

In the last year, Deanna has not only explored and experimented and developed her art.. but she is now exhibiting it at a local gallery, and has even had some work displayed in the State Library!

Sometimes the biggest step we can make in our creative journey is to announce to the world, "I am an artist".  I think this lovely piece, completed in an online workshop, says it all... you are worthy.  We should all remember that :)
You are Worthy by Deanna Kotsopoulos
(this artwork was completed in a Tamara Laporte class)

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Littlelionsma said...

Oh Loretta, I just did the biggest squeal of excitement when I read this. Thank you so much for you wonderful kind words and forever thank you for that first spark of encouragement. You are one of the special ones :)