Friday, January 11, 2008

show and tell

I didn't intend to have such a big blog break - where did the months go?

First a couple of quotes from Max - I want to write these down before I forget them. He has an amazing way with words for a 6 year old.

(Playing his toy electric guitar to some flies on our table) "I'm overwhelming them with sound, so they fly away."

"In the future there will be rabbits with guns, but rarely."

So what have I been up to?
(over two months is a lot of catching up, so I'll make it brief)

We went to Coff's Harbour for Pete to play touch football for QLD in the touch "State of Origin", then had a lovely few days at our favourite spot in Brunswick Heads, where I lay on the bed listening to the young couple playing cello and guitar next door, and finally finished reading "The Time Traveller's Wife" (started 3 yrs ago!). It's been so long since I just lay around reading, but I hope to remedy that, and have put up a hammock again on our verandah.
Great book, BTW. But don't read that wikipedia entry I linked to unless you want to spoil the plot!

I left my Christmas shopping till the last minute, then ended up sick with a horrible sinus infection. So the shopping was done at the absolute last minute - not something I want to do next year!
We picked the first veges from our community garden. We've had beautiful cool weather and lots of rain, perfect for gardening. Lots of weeding to be done, though!
Nic took on the job of mowing the lawn, and is doing a great job. We have a ride-on mower, so it's quite a fun job, but there is a lot of it - a couple of acres.

Nic and Ruby and I (Max opted to stay home with Pete) went with my friend Amanda and her two children to the Woodford Folk Festival. We camped in the mud and rain for two nights, but it was worth getting dirty and wet! We got to see Angus and Julia Stone, Tripod, My Friend the Chocolate Cake, Wild Marmalade, and lots more.

At the festival, we took the kids to a Circus show called The League of Sideshow Superstars, which was just amazing!
The kids loved sword swallower, The Space Cowboy.
The Princesses of Power Tools were a bit of a concern initially, but it was all good family viewing - really :-)

I'm way behind in adding scrapbooking projects, so I'll only share a few:
Here are a couple from Scrapbook Creations.

These ones were from a "soapbox" article I did for For Keeps - I was a bit worried about this article back when I did it, because I realised when I was making these layouts, that I really don't share a lot of my personal opinions in my scrapbooking for publication.

Made quite a few no-photo framable layouts recently.

These were for the 2peas garden. For this one, I took a photo of Ruby reading, then traced it and hand stitched it (except the hair, that's drawn - I don't have that much patience!)

I did some Shibori fabric dying with a friend, and used the results to create the water in this layout. Lyrics are from Kate Miller-Heidke's The Truth.

I love the quote on this one, from Brian Andreas. I also used the quote on the pink one up above, as a gift for a friend.

There are things you do that just feel right
and they may make no sense
and they may make no money
and it may be the real reason we are here:
to love each other and to eat each other's cooking
and say it was good.
*edited to add*
I lost all my blog links when I was trying to fix them up (there were a lot of old ones). But I will get them up again eventually!


Suzannah :o) said...

What an absolute delight to check in today and not only find a new post, but sooooo much goodness therein! WOW what an amazing collection of eye candy. I miss catching up with your awesome work now that you are not at BB...stalk here constantly hoping for a little snippet... what a great day to find all this!
Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and that your New Year is full of good times and plenty of things to be passionate about.
Take care

susan j said...

OMG Loretta!! YOUR LO's are freakin inspirational!! I LOVE them all but I especially love the no photo ones. To me they are art with a BIG A!! YOU ROCK!!

ulysses said...

Another fan here Loretta! Your art is just so beautiful. Thank you for inspiring me.

Sue x

Lusi Austin :) said...

so many amazing pieces rett ;)
you are incredible!
lusi x

Nic Finlayson said...

Happy Birthday for today Loretta, I hope you are getting spoilt rotten!

Nic xx

QE2 said...

Happy birthday Rett!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day :D

Rebecca said...

Happy birthday Rett

Petrina McDonald said...

Gorgeous stuff Loretta - and LOL! at you calling them "no photo frameable layouts" Hello!! Just call them art for goodness sake - they are so inspiring and fantastic! (I see I am not the only fan who thinks this)
Love, P

mimiey said...

oh my! im in love with all ur works! im surely gonna drop by ur blog very often.....very inspiring