Saturday, November 11, 2006

There’s not enough hours in a day

To do all the things she’s just got to do
When the daylight fades and the night invades
She’s only just begun

(Gillian - The Waifs)

Hey, a Waifs song that I haven't made a layout about yet!

I know how Gillian feels. Recently I've fallen into the terrible habit of staying up way too late. I love having the house to myself in the early hours of the morning, but I don’t like going to bed knowing that I have to be up in 6 hours (or 4, or 5). It's not so much that I need to stay up late – better time management on my behalf is all that is needed. I just like being up late. I always fought sleep when I was younger, and I still do.

Pete has been away this week, playing touch football in the rain in the Pan Pacific Masters Games. He's done so well in Touch, and I'm very proud of him. For the last few years he has been playing for QLD in the NTRA interstate games, and has represented Australia for the last few years, too.

I realise every time Pete goes away, how much his support allows me to indulge my bad habit of staying up way too late. He allows me to sleep in as late as is reasonably possible. He makes a cooked breakfast of French toast or scrambled eggs for the kids while I sit with my cup of coffee, which he made (in the right cup and with the milk in first so it tastes right), and try to wake up. Yes, I'm very spoilt. He was joking when he left that after three days it would be like that episode of the Simpsons where Marge was barely gone for a day and Homer was wearing rags.

I don't think I have posted about my new job at the gallery yet. I'm loving it! I'm very fortunate to have a wonderful director to work with, and we have some community art projects coming up which I'm excited about. I suggested an Artist Trading Card project the other day, and she loved the idea, so I'm going to be starting work on that very soon. It should be great way to bring together a variety of art and craft groups in our community.

One of the projects I'm looking forward to is working with a local artist on an installation at the gallery for next year's Jumpers and Jazz in July. Should be fun! Here's a layout I did for cherryArte recently using photos from this year's festival.

Speaking of festivals, Juanita and I now have our tickets and accommodation for our annual New Year's Day at Woodford. Pre-kids I always tried to get to Woodford, if not for the whole festival at least for New Year's Day. A couple of years ago we went and decided from then to make it our own tradition. It is the best possible way to start the new year in my opinion. The festival has an even more laid back atmosphere on this day, as it is the last day and everyone is exhausted. When we first arrive, we write a wish on a piece of paper and all these wishes are included in a spectacular fire event held that evening in a huge outdoor amphitheatre on the hillside. If you can make it there, it is well worthwhile. And if you do, let me know and we might be able to catch up!

And I have a layout to go with that festival, too! I did this project for this month's For Keeps.

My stamps arrived in the mail last week!! I've used them on a couple of projects so far, but I bought a spare packet just so I could admire them looking so pretty in their packaging with my name on them – is that silly? I know I've already shown them here, but here they are, all packaged up :-)

Here's one of the layouts I used them on - for Gayle, who was one of the winners in our Design Team Scraps for You comp at Blue Bazaar. Gayle sent me the most beautiful photo and journaling.

And finally, some ATCs I made for BB a couple of weeks back. They look a little different than they did on the portal because I replaced some of the sequins with some pretty new ones I bought from Cartwrights. I love that site! I forgot to tell you about it Nite, but I even have some taupe ones for you next time we catch up ;-)
Mostly Scenic Route papers on these.


Chris Millar said...

Loretta, your vellum layout in FK was just sensational! I've stared at it a few times now! Brilliant work! You stamps are very cool too!!
You know I live just down the road from the Folk Festival but have never been! I should make it a mission to go this year! Is it kid friendly?

Anonymous said...

I love the stamps they are fantastic :)

debbie said...

Love your stamps! You can buy ten of them and put them all over to enjoy! It's your perogative. Enjoy it! Congrats.

Nicole Finlayson said...

I think it would be strange NOT to keep your very own stamps in their packaging to admire.;)

Hugest congratulations on the stamps and your fabulous new job. I am insanely jealous - lol!!!

And thanks for the link to Cartwrights. I think I am now officially addicted given that it's full of vintage buttons!!!

Nicole Finlayson said...

May I just say again I am insanely jealous of your new job......roflmao ;)

Anonymous said...

OMGoodness Rett, I can't put it into words how much I love what you do, it is just amazing, I really am speechless.

NuttyScrapper said...

Hi Loretta,
I just had to mention your vellum LO in FK totally blew me away. I think it is one of my favourite LO's of all time :)

susan j said...

Loretta, I agree that your vellum LO in FK was sensational!!! I think I lOVE everything you do. You are on talented chickie.

susan j said...

OOps one