Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sharing some layouts

Made by my kids :-)

Ruby has embraced this trend of cutting up patterned papers - On Sunday, she worked for hours on this page, carefully cutting out each flower. It's a tribute to her favourite thing in the world - rainbows.

Nic is not a prolific scrapper - he likes to have the concept all worked out, and take his time on each page. He started this one at Easter time when we had baby chickens, one of which the children named "Chicky Webster". Apologies to any Nikki Webster fans out there!

Thank you to everyone who has popped in and said hello here - I really appreciate all your kind comments. I've surprised myself with how much I am enjoying this blogging business, and it has a lot to do with all the lovely messages I get to read.

Rin - thanks for dropping by and saying hello! I'm glad you got into the class, and I'm looking forward to meeting you :-)

Hi Donna! I'm looking forward to meeting you on the weekend - hope you're bringing an album for us to look at :-)

Another quote:
"I try not to think too much, he said, so my mind is ready for whatever comes up" ~Brian Andreas


Anonymous said...

No surprise those kids are talented, with a mum like you..I do love nic's page, what a sense of humour and ruby (love that name) sure has a lot of patience, it looks great

susan j said...

Wow, they do some pretty good pages. I love that chicky webster page too!! LOL