Wednesday, June 07, 2006

more flower power :-)

Blogger wouldn't let me put more than one picture in the post below, so here are the rest of the sneak peeks.


Leanne said...

Loretta these look absolutely gorgeous. Best of luck with your classes. I'm sure everyone will have a blast.

Cheers, Leanne

Anonymous said...

I just saw your blog today and love your work so I just called Expertise Events to book a Saturday class with you.(Go Ahead!) I'm now negotiating with husband to look after the kids for a bit longer so that I can take the other class as well. Wish me luck and look forward to being in your class soon.
Cheers, Rin

Donna said...

Hey Loretta! I didn't know you were a 'blogger' - I found this by mistake really. LOL!

These sneak peeks look AMAZING! I wonder if I'll get to sneak in to one of your classes for a little sticky beak?? Otherwise, I guess I'll have to make do with a catch up at the social events.

Really looking forward to meeting you and seeing your work irl.