Friday, September 13, 2013

small neat worlds in crochet

A while ago, I posted about crocheting tiny hexagons in an effort to execute this painting in yarn.  The original artwork was an effort to execute crochet in oil pastel, so it made sense (to me, anyway) to do it the other way around as well.
Small Neat Worlds II   Loretta Grayson
Just found the old blog post... it was quite a while ago!  About a year and a half... where does the time go?  I haven't been doing a lot of crochet in that time, but every now and then I would pick up a hook and make a few more little hexagons. 

A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to actually do something with them,
and ta-daaa... it's finished!
Hexagon Pixel Cushion front  Loretta Grayson

Hexagon Pixel Cushion   Loretta Grayson
Hexagon Pixel Cushion   Loretta Grayson

I also finished my CMYK cushion...

CMYK Cushion   Loretta Grayson

CMYK Cushion   Loretta Grayson

Hexagon Pixel and CMYK cushions   Loretta Grayson

 Now to finish the blanket I started... um... maybe two years ago?
I used Biggan Design yarn for both projects... 4 ply for the hexagon cushion and 8 ply for the squares cushion.  For the crocheters who are interested in more info about the exact colours, hook sizes, etc., I'll update my Ravelry page soon (there's a link at the top right of this page).



Jan Quigley said...

Beautiful work! Just love it.

Sharron said...

I have serious cushion envy! They are absolutely stunning. Your crochet work is always super colourful, which represents you perfectly. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Sandra said...

Such gorgeous colour combinations. They look like stained-glass windows with the sun shining through!

Nicole said...

Wowee! Both of them are super, I really love the colours and the way you've mixed them, Sandra is right they do look like stained glass :)

Leah said...

these are so gorgeous!!! they should win a major award. thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

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