Friday, October 05, 2012

It's better to look at the sky than live there...

(Truman Capote)

I'm not so sure about that... I've been enjoying living in the skies of these small worlds lately.

I've been exploring the wonders of gouache.  Recently I noticed that when I was using acrylic on paper, I was trying to make the paint all gouache-like with lots of thinning and matte medium.  So I took the plunge and invested a small fortune (ok... maybe a slight exaggeration) in a handful of tubes of Schminke Horadam.  It's lovely paint, so smooth and pigment-rich.  Just perfect for my colouring-in kind of style.

At first I was doing a small painting each day, but everyday life has rudely interrupted my infatuation.   For the last week or so, I've only been able to cast a longing glance at my papers and paints as I walk by the mess that is my studio space. 

Some of these small works (most of them are no bigger than 8x8) will be part of an exhibition at Blockwork in Toowoomba next month. I'll post more info about that soon.

In other news, did you know that I have a giveaway on my facebook page each time my number of likers reaches the next hundred?  Last time I checked there were 590 of you (thanks so much, everyone), so I'll be giving something away very soon!  If you haven't already been there, now would be a great time to pop in and say hello :)


Anonymous said...

Ah ça, now I massive amounts of 'wanties' (but likely can not affordies! *g*) Those are Beautiful.

ArtGirl said...

i just came across your work for the first time from Pinterest and i must say it is WONDERFUL! the colors are so lovely and i love the animals and lines, the trees, everything. very inspiring!!