Wednesday, March 14, 2012

...another tree grows, and some crochet

I love the sharing of inspiration that the internet enables, so I was excited when Dee sent me a lovely email to tell me about the quilt she is making using my A Tree Grows tutorial. 

I don't have a pinterest account, but I had noticed a large amount of traffic to my tutorial from there, and it appears to be popular among quilters. 

I think Dee may be right when she says that I am, in my heart of hearts, a quilter... but I just don't use fabric.  (This project of hers is making me want to give it a try, though.)

I love this quilt so much - Dee, you are so very clever! 

You can follow its progress on her blog in this post and this earlier one, and there is still more to come. 

I have received many wonderful emails and comments from people thinking about creating something using this tutorial.  Please share your links if you have any images of your creations, I would love to see them!

In other news... after a long break, I finally picked up a crochet hook again.  I had lots of gorgeous Biggan 4 ply Merino left over from these water bottle holders I made ages ago... I decided to re-create my Small Neat Worlds in yarn. It feels nice to have a crochet project happening again, even though I'm not sure what it will be yet... a cushion perhaps? Will keep you posted :)


Mim Smith Faro said...

I love to see one art form replicated in another. I love the quilt and can't wait to see your finished crocheted project!

Dee said...

Thank you Rett for the kind words, encouragement...but most of all the beauty you capture with all of your works!

Truly inspiring!

sue said...

Oh they are gorgeous little shapes! Whatever they become will be beautiful.

Twyla Gariepy said...

Hi. I was just over looking at your etsy shop and I am wondering: if you had to shoose a "warm" coloured print to pair up with "Beneath"; which one would you choose? Maybe this sounds a little weird coming from a stranger .

Summerset said...

Thank you for being so "cool" with someone else doing your design in their medium. Your attitude is great!

I think both creations are fantastic! I love color!

Tisha Smith said...

Saw your beautiful art on Pinterest. Here's a lesson I did last week w/ some of my students. They loved your inspiration:)

Rett said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! Twyla - not sure if you'll check back here or not, but there are some warm coloured trees in my "Test Pattern Trees" series in the etsy shop that would pair up nicely with Beneath. I can sometimes do different size prints than you see there - just send me a message on etsy if you have any questions :)

Helena said...

LOVE your crochet.