Monday, June 15, 2009

Warm my Heart

is the name of the exhibition I have two pieces of work in right now. You can read more about it here, but as that page will change as it is updated in the future, here's a cut and paste from the gallery website:

11 June to 6 July

The Warm my Heart exhibition will use the famous Jackie Howe singlet as the “canvas” for the artworks. Warwick Art Gallery intends to curate a community-generated exhibition that pays tribute to one of Warwick’s favourite sons, Jackie Howe. Howe was born at Canning Downs Station in Warwick in 1861. The Warwick community’s interest in Jackie Howe has peaked again recently because of the widely publicized mystery Warwick based purchaser of Howe memorabilia. It is reported that the collection of medals and other items belonging to the legendary Queensland shearer was purchased for $305,000.

The project will use this proud part of Warwick’s history as inspiration for an exhibition of artwork with a contemporary, expressionistic theme. The title of the exhibition is “warm my heart” which literally relates to the functionality of the singlet but can symbolically imply a love of home, land and country. Using a part of Warwick’s heritage as inspiration for an art exhibition open to all members of the community will increase community pride and awareness of our history.

The Red Shoes
Singlets to me are synonymous with childhood memories, so I want to create a fragile work reminiscent of fading memories and passing time. I copied one of my tree illustrations, an old photo of one of my sisters and I, and images from children's books (Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are and Brian Wildsmith's Birds) onto silk organza and machine stitched them to a handsewn muslin garment. The red leaves and knitted coathanger cover are made from an old child's singlet.

Economic Climate
Couldn't resist getting a little political with this one! Here's the info from the label:

"207 workers at the Wollongong Bonds factory are among the many Australians who will be unemployed as Pacific Brands cuts 1850 jobs over the next 18 months. Iconic Australian labels such as Bonds, KingGee and Yakka will now be manufactured overseas."

Created from machine stitched map paper, singlet and watercolour.

Thought I'd share these fun pictures - for those of you who remember my "tree hugger" from last year's Jumpers and Jazz in July. We promoted Jumpers and Jazz at the Textile Arts festival in Brisbane at the end of May, and the organisers let us "dress" a tree at the convention centre... so this is what it was wearing on the first day :)


Sarah said...

WOW Rett, I love those singlets, now if you went into production of them, I would be the 1st to buy them. So beautiful.. Well done on your exhibition..

Moniqui said...

Wow,your singlets are absolutely beautiful!

Peg said...

amazing work!!
thanks so much for sharing :-)