Tuesday, March 17, 2009


...that I should update my blog, but can't think of anything particularly interesting to write about

that I loved reading all your comments on my last post - thank you :)

that I haven't done any papercrafting for two months, and that perhaps deadlines were my only motivation, and that I hope not

that I am nearly finished my Babette blanket

that I really like clothes that don't require washing very much, like winter coats and the layered, quilt-like skirt I bought at Woodford. But not like the leather pants one of my student friends many years ago wore every day... there is a difference between not needing to be washed and plain old not washed

that the concept of irony is lost on some people... like my neighbour who left a rude message on my answering machine telling me that my answering machine message is impersonal ... or the road rage guy the other day who drove like a maniac, passing on the left to catch up with the driver who had cut him off...

that I hope when I go to Toowoomba for my screenprinting course this Friday I am stuck in traffic with loud singing guy again (I could hear him belting it out in the car behind me, even though my windows were up. Watching him in my rearview mirror, he was uninhibited and joyous). If you happen to read this, crazy loud singing man - thank you, you made my day!

that is about all....

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