Tuesday, January 13, 2009

new crochet project

I still don't know how to read crochet pattern language, but I haven't let that stop me! Before we went to Woodford, I made these water bottle carriers for the children (the ones for the boys were flowerless). They were a bit dirty and stretched when we got home, so I felted them in the washing machine, and was pleased with the results. Unfortunately, Max's shrunk a bit too much and is now a mini-waterbottle carrier - so I'll have to make him another one.

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Steph Devlin said...

Hey Rett, just read that you have given up your scrapping obligations for 09 !!! Good for you hon. I had a break when I was pregnant with Madison and it was the best thing I ever did. I think I forgot how to scrap without an agenda and the freedom is bliss. I think your creativity will take a new turn, and you will rediscover things about yourself and your art that have being lying dormant for a while. Anyhow I hope you get those teaching offers **wink**, how wonderful would it be to travel and teach!! Love checking in and seeing how you and your little family are. Looking forward to following your journey over the next year..... your art keeps me striving to always step out of my comfort zone. Keep well, happy and joyful.
Steph xo