Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's been a while since I shared some pictures, so here goes.....

During the festival, I co-ordinated a workshop taught by hand-knitter and textile artist Jude Skeers, who worked with participants to make these webs, knitted on circular needles. Then Jude set about installing webs all over town. It was fun seeing them appearing in all sorts of odd places!

Some projects from the Two Peas garden:

(Ngaire took this photo at the Brisbane Convention, arm outstretched - I love how it turned out)

A couple of layouts from recent Scrapbook Creations magazines:

The other tree jumper I made for Jumpers and Jazz. This one was called UFO, as it was created from an UnFinished Object in my cupboard - a crochet rug I started about 5 years ago, and embellished with felt flowers, buttons, sequins and hand-stitching. Custom made to fit a particular tree, at home when I wanted to take some close up photos, the only thing I could find that it would fit was our Hills Hoist!

Leanne presented me with this blog award a couple of weeks ago. Thank you, Leanne, I appreciate your kind words :-)

Now, I am meant to nominate 7 blogs for the award. I'll need to think about that a little more, as I haven't had a lot of blog reading time lately. I'll get back to you!


Leanne Stamatellos said...

not sure that the HIlls Hoist does your tree hugger justice. Love the cobwebs - great idea!

ngaire Bartlam said...

ADORE that layout of us Rett! :)))
Thank YOU! :))


Gio said...

UAU! Your artworks are wonderful. Great discovery for me!

Deann said...

So happy to have found your blog! Your work is amazing!