Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tree Hugger

We're in the middle of our Jumpers and Jazz in July festival, which is why I haven't been here for a while - lots of things happening, and I will be back with more photos later.
This is one of the two jumpers I created. The logo was a last minute addition: after finishing it, I decided that it wouldn't be a bad job to be in the business of tree couture, and an opportunity ever came up, Tree Huggers would be my label :-)
This little tree hugger is also featured right now as the latest catalyst on the Creative Therapy blog - thanks girls for inviting me to be your guest artist.

Thank you so much to Chris, Penny, Peg, Suzanne,Donna and Diane, who sent me photos of their class layouts when I asked for some to put on my blog - here they finally are. Sorry it has taken me so long!

I love how everyone's pages turned out, and all the individual touches you have all added to make the project your own - that's the best thing about teaching I think. If anyone else has a layout to share, it should be quite easy now to add it to this slide - so go ahead and send it to me :-)
Oh, and I'll be teaching in Sydney in September at an event called Crop Royale, which is looking like being a fabulous day - I'm very excited about it!
And also making plans to travel to Bundaberg to teach in October - more news about that soon.


Leanne Stamatellos said...

That is the most stunning thing I've seen Loretta - you are so super talented and I love that Tree Hugger label - I can see you'll be making quite a few of those.
Oh, and I've nominated you for a blog award - come take a peak if you have a chance.

Deb L said...

Love the slideshow

Nae said...

Hey girl, Love that tree hugger the colours are just divine. Great idea! The layouts from the convention look great! Havent finnished mine yet still trying to get to it. Oh yeah im here with the KDD Blog party too. Have a fun night reading these messages! Love your stuff!

scrappinshawnni said...

Wow brilliant item! Love this so much, the colours are wonderful!

By the way love yoru work I've seen for a while in the mags!

Thanks for Sharing! :)

TiteC said...

love that tree hugger !!!
(I had never seen one before !! lol)

I'm here for the KDD blog party tonight !! (but I've had you in my bloglines for a while now !!)

xxx from France

Diane said...

That tree hugger is totally MAD. And I am reminded that I need to finish my layout (esp since I don't do UFOs).

MarniT said...

omg this is totally Unreal!!!! I'm so in love with the little tree hugger thing! you are tooo talented!

Just popped in from KDD blog party!

niq said...

Hi Loretta,
just gate crashin from the KDD launch party
Just love that gorgeous jumper!!!!

Anonymous said...

ooo LOVE that tree jumper- very cool

scrappinshawnni said...

Love this! :)
Awsome slide show :)

Karen Day said...

wow that tree hugger idea is genius!! haha. so cool

Petrina McDonald said...

Loretta that tree hugging jumper is amazing! I would be one very happy tree if I was wearing such a stylish garment as that. Looking forward to catching up with you ;-)