Tuesday, April 15, 2008


...books are another item of clutter that doesn't count. We've been moving furniture this weekend, and covering the floor with piles of books. We have a huge box of books to go to Vinnies, and still can't fit the rest back on the shelves! How does that happen?

Sydney, part 2

Is it just me, or is anyone else offended by the town planning laws that allow Starbucks and other such chains of stores to infect our cities like a virus? Seems like every corner had one in
Sydney. It worries me that our city centres are becoming so generic - sad, really.

I've been researching overseas trips on the net, and came across Pun Pun in Thailand - a organic farm which holds workshops in natural building, seed saving, sustainable agriculture, etc.. you can just go for a visit if you can't do a workshop.

That site led me to another one, with 2 to 3 day Thai cooking classes - with the meeting point on the first day in Chiang Mai being....


Now, while I understand that there are probably very good reasons for meeting there (coffee addicted westerners like me can get a familiar-tasting cup and will then probably be much nicer to be with for the rest of the day, plus it's an easily recognisable meeting point)... the idea of going to Thailand to do an authentic cooking course, then beginning the whole experience by meeting at Starbucks just makes me want to say some very unpleasant words.

Ok, whinge over... sorry about that. Back to normal programming :-)

Had a wonderful time at SIA. Ran into lots of people I don't get to see very often, and met lots of lovely new people - I'll refrain from mentioning names, because I know I'll forget someone!

I have to admit to feeling more than a little bit nervous about teaching at this event. Being trade only, my students were people who own their own stores and teach classes all the time. I teach so infrequently, so I wondered what I could possibly show them that they hadn't already seen. Anyway, all the class participants were wonderful, and even still smiling when they saw how much cutting up we had to do in a one hour class :-) Here's the project we made, using papers from the new cherryArte "Girl Power" and His & Hers Basics" lines.

Loved teaching the make and takes, too. We had 3 easy cherryArte projects, each using just one piece of patterned paper. The best part about the make and takes was the opportunity to meet and chat with so many interesting women from all over Australia. Here I am with one of the lovely ladies I met, doing the "and here's one I prepared earlier" thing!

A HUGE thank you to the Aussie Scrap Source girls, and all the organisers and volunteers of the event, who looked after me so well - I really appreciate it :-)

Some layouts to share:

This was my entry for the SIA Commercial Designer Awards. Broke my scrapbooking comp entering record with this one (it was zero, as I always chicken out!). All cherryArte (except the Basic Grey letters), from the new lines plus a couple of old ones. There were some amazing entries in these awards - and congratulations to Belinda McGregor of the Craft Queen team, who won the individual award, and the Kim Ogden and Rachael Sholz of Scraptacular, who won the team award - their work was stunning!
These ones are from this month's two peas garden. The April theme was to be inspired by other users of the gallery, so I took the inspiration for the tissue paper flowers from everythingchick, and the layouts from miss_quiss, and rachellem.

(yes, I've used that quote before - from The Waifs' Sweetness)

and thanks Petrina for the name of the junk sculpture artist from the last post - it's John Dahlsen. Also, check out the cover of the new Scrapbook Creations to see her beautiful daughter and layout - congrats Petrina!

oh, ignore the date up there - I started writing this post last week, but had computer troubles. It's Monday April 21.


Chris Millar said...

Hi Rett! Wow, look at all these fabulous projects!
I did the most fabulous hill tribe tour in Thailand (out of Chiang Mai) a couple of years ago. Completely primitive in one of the tribes we went to. Was amazing and refreshing!
I've booked into your class at the Expo with some other friends. Can't wait!!!

Petrina McDonald said...

Thanks for the love Loretta!!!
oh...and I hear you on the Starbucks (and all other chains of junk) issue..."it's a small world" is turning into "it's a generic world" more and more isn't it?

Kirsten N said...

Love the groovy tree in the Crystal Castle - I am hoping to go there for my "Mothers day" outing!

Angie from ScrapScene said...

...Lorretta Grayson shows a pretty pink woodgrained tree in a layout....