Saturday, April 12, 2008

back from Sydney

Love Sydney - I used to visit regularly when one of my sisters lived there in the 90's, so it was great to be back. Just wish I had more time there!

The main reason I was there was for the SIA (Scrapbooking Industry Australia) trade event, but more about that later. I travelled down a few days early with my friend Amanda so we could have a bit of a look around the city. We managed to fit a lot into our short time:

Billy Elliot the Musical (highly recommend this show - I would go again, and probably will if it comes to Brisbane!)

Paddington markets - lots of young designers at these markets, well worth a look.

And the usual tourist stops - the Rocks, where we found a fabulous vintage button shop; Chinatown; Powerhouse Museum; QVB building ...

Happened upon a couple of excellent art exhibitions: The Trevor Victor Harvey Dr Seuss exhibition at The Rocks - we were lucky with this one, as it was finishing that day. Fiona Hall at the Museum of Contemporary Art on George St was incredible and so inspiring - pity we found it so late in the day, and didn't get to see quite everything before we were kicked out!

I won't bore you with photos, so here are just a few

Walls at Sass and Bide on Oxford St - I had absolutely no interest in the clothes, but the walls drew me in - amazing works of art with black and white illustrations and mirror mosaics. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take a photo in the store, so this is the best I could manage

Junk sculpture, which was part of an environmental education exhibition at the Powerhouse. I can't remember the artists name, but he collects all the plastic bits and pieces from the beaches at Stradbroke Island and around Byron Bay.

My little purchases. I bought gifts for Pete and the kids, but have come to the realisation that mostly nowdays I would prefer to spend my money on an experience (concert, play, travel, food...) than something else to clutter up my already cluttered home (CDs and pretty papers don't count ;-). Still, I couldn't resist these beautiful (and expensive - my MIL needs to open up a button shop, she would make a fortune!) vintage buttons, and pretty little Japanese plates.

And speaking of experiences - I have tickets for the whole family to see Kate Miller-Heidke at The Judy in Brisbane in early May. Ruby and I went to see her last year, and are very excited about going again - she is an amazingly talented performer!

This has taken me longer than I thought, and I need to go and get my house in order before visitors come, so I'll be back sometime soon with the rest of the Sydney trip.


Lus :) said...

oh gosh rett i'm so sorry i missed seeing you at sia mate :( but loved hearing about all the fun things you got up to while you were here!
Next time hey!
Love and blessings,
Lusi x

Petrina McDonald said...

[stomping my feet] I wanna see the Fiona Hall stuff - LOVE her work!!! And the totem poles look very much like John Dahlsen, but I could be wrong. Or I could look like a complete know it all :P
Glad to hear you had a great time - I think I saw one of the make and takes you taught today - looked like it to me, anyway ;-)

Twinklescrapbooks said...

I love those plates. They would be hard to resist! :)tina

debra harvey said...

loved your class at sia i have been using my tree template to bits and just have ben paper piercing and even dusted off my sewing machine, ty for the inspiration .....hope you dont mind but have added your blog link to my post at as i just love your work :)