Wednesday, March 12, 2008

repeating the mantra....

....chaos is good.

....I never wanted a neat, tidy and quiet life....

Things seem out of control here at the moment. Birthday season has just finished for the time being in our household. In the last few weeks Nicholas, Pete, my mum, a niece, a nephew and several friends have celebrated their birthdays. We have socialised and celebrated, and ignored the house cleaning and growing piles of clean washing waiting to be folded and put away.

Among the chaos, this is where I find peace. Cutting and pasting, making more mess :-)

This one is for Pete, and was in last month's Scrapbook Creations. This photo is a very precious to him because his sister is no longer here, and I kept changing my mind about how to scrapbook it. In the end I went with soft, pretty and vintagey like an old patchwork quilt, and kept the journaling hidden.
And nothing breaks the heart much more than looking at old photographs
When you can taste the moment, and worse still, if it's passed
They're gone now to the future, but you still can't deny them,
like a song that's sung.
Josh Pyke - Vibrations in Air
No, that's not the journaling - just included it here because that song popped into my head

This one was from the two peas garden. I won't type out all the journaling, but you can read it here.

Also for two peas, I wrote an article about ATCs. Here are a couple of mine -

I've been preparing samples for a class and a few make-and-takes using the new cherryArte lines for the SIA event in Sydney. SIA is Australia's first scrapbooking industry trade only event, and you can read more about how to register to attend on the Delish site. I'll post some sneak peeks of my class project in the next few days.

I'm also working on preparations for Brisbane's Scrapbook Expo in June. I'll be teaching one class a day, and I decided to indulge and teach what I'm loving the most right now - these small "art quilt" type of projects. I'll post a sneak peek of the actual project closer to the time, but here's a little montage I put together in the meantime, to give you an idea. On the Expo website you can register to have information sent to you when it comes out - around April from memory.

Ok, now I'm off to tackle that enormous pile of folding....


Anonymous said...

Oh wow Loretta, which layout do I love most? the one of your husband's sister is so special - truly beautiful and the butterfly layout is just magical - this must be even more superb in real life.
Wish you a wonderful trip this year. I have the same itchy feet - must be the 'turning 40' syndrome - but so difficult with 2 little children for us. Maybe you and I could escape instead - hehe.Leanne Stamatellos

Petrina McDonald said...

but a creative mess is never chaotic, is it?
Thanks for sharing that LO of your husband's sister - I had wondered if there was a story behind it and those lyrics you have posted seem to tell enough. It is a beautiful photo.
I love the look of those art quilt type projects - maybe I will be lucky enough to be able to take one your classes again this year :-)
Cheers, P

random thoughts said...

YAY Miss Loretta will be doing another class in Brisbane! Lots of happiness. You're art quilt style still continues to inspire. Such beautiful work.

corinne delis said...

woman you are so good :)


Twinklescrapbooks said...

So inspiring...

Busybel said...

HI Loretta
Have been an admirer of your beautiful lo's at twopeas, and have just discovered your blog. THese layouts are sooo beautiful. If you visit my blog you will find I do NO stitching on mine -but that isn't because I don't like it - when I get my machine, I will refer again and again to your art for inspiration.
Thankyou also for sharing your genuine stories and so much of what is important to you.

Deb G said...

Rhett! Hello. Long timeno talky. I LOVE everything!!! Especially the no photo layouts. You are amazing. I wish the Tamworth girls were coming to Brizzy again this year..but sadly, were all too broke. Wish we could join you.Have a great weekend....!