Thursday, February 14, 2008

what could be better than...

ending an amazing day in Australia's history like this. The Union of Soul, at the Empire Theatre last night.

John Butler. Always liked his music, but didn't realize just how much I love him till last night. Incredible talent and a beautiful soul.

The Waifs. Fabulous as always.
And the gorgeous Clare Bowditch.
We started the evening listening to the story of a mother, whose son was stolen from her in the early 1970's. Speaking so beautifully and showing so much strength through adversity, she later joined all the performers on stage, dancing while they sang Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody's From Little Things Big Things Grow, and sending shivers up my spine.

Thank you, Kevin Rudd, for choosing to not hold your head higher than your heart.

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Petrina McDonald said...

Oh wow - that sends shivers up my spine even thinking about listening to that song being sung live. It just says it all really. Lucky you for being there to experience that on such a very important day.

I am sorry too.

And I am glad it has been said publicly - what a powerful message.

Love, P.

ps. Happy 40th for last month! Hope to see you at the papercrafts festival in Bris again this year in June ;-)