Monday, September 17, 2007


It's not hard to tell that I enjoy collecting words to use in my work. I love the poetry and emotion of song lyrics, and there are so many amazing quotes and poetry out there. It's incredible how much magic can be contained in a few words strung together well.

I wish I was a better writer. I have moments of inspiration, but lately my brain feels either foggy or just plain full of thoughts and ideas and things I have to do... I need to quiet my mind and make room and time for my own thoughts. And an extra 12 hours each day. I have heard of people who claim they can do that, so if you are one of them - let me know! Seriously.

I had a crappy week last week, and I don't really know why. Felt like I was trapped in my own skin, and I needed to escape. Researching holidays on the net, buying tickets to see Paul Kelly this week and drinking too much coffee wasn't working. I decided to cut back on my magazine stuff a little bit, so now I'll officially be doing my SC feature every second month. I love doing it, but that month comes around so quickly!

Anyway, by the end of the week I was sitting at the kids' swimming carnival beside a friend and she said, "You're sad today, aren't you?", and when she said it I realised that tears had been welling up all day for no reason. Well, maybe the horrible chlorine fumes at the indoor pool weren't helping.

I had an opportunity to escape with Pete to Brisbane on Saturday, but decided I'd rather stay home with the kids and do nothing, and it turned out to be just what I needed. A late morning breakfast of pancakes and sitting around in our pyjamas for most of the day. Can't wait for the school holidays to arrive, so we can do more of that.

Anyway, back to words. I created this little book for the Two Peas mid-month garden, which is up now (BTW, check out the new look site - looks great!). It's for collecting those lyrics, quotes and phrases in, and who knows? Maybe some of my own words when I find them again.

Here's the cover and the first few pages:

The quote on the inside of the cover is from Kavisha Mazella's Big Blue Above. I discovered this song several years ago on the Seachange soundtrack, and fell in love with it. Still in love with it today. The first verse sums up so well for me the power of journaling:

I saw you cast your net up to the sky
You catch in the words as they fly
Spray 'em with black ink upon a white page
Wrap 'em and bind 'em with your joy and rage

It's a teensy little album - trading card size. I used a bind-it-all to create it, and the little page protectors are made from trading card sleeves that you can buy at hobby shops or places like EB games.
More words, this time a quote, and a Two Peas layout from last month. This one was a lift of the Guest Garden Girl, Ingunn Markiewicz - you can see her incredible work here. The quote is one of my favourites from Frank Zappa, and I'm pretty sure I have shared it here before. And yes, Max is smiling with a mouthful of food. Just lovely.

"The more boring a child is, the more the parents, when showing off the child, receive adulation for being good parents - because they have a tame child-creature in their house."

The black border isn't part of the layout, and no matter what I did with that scan I couldn't make it look straight - it's a little crooked in real life, but not that much!

I did this one for cherryArte, using the new Morocco line. It started with the words "Hallelujah Hullabaloo", from My Friend the Chocolate Cake's "She Dreams all Different Colours". I thought I had heard that phrase before, so I put it in google and found this poem:

Sometimes it's like this
Everything says yes

Walk outside where the air touches you
like a warm smile
Tall grass nuzzles your legs
tickling the backs of your knees
whispering tender caress yes

The sun laughing clouds out of the way
Big belly laugh yes
with a cackle and a roar
Leaves shouting green
at the top of their voices
all clamoring yes

Show off birds swoop and glide
uplifted on brisk colliding air
They could not fly
unless the air said yes
Butterflies drunk on flowers
applauding with silent wings
the color of yes

The wind shakes hands with trees
and the trees nod
agreeing with the wind
Some days are like this
a hallelujah hullabaloo of yes
unanimous yes

Before a small cloud dawdling low in the sky
can curl itself into a question mark
all sings emphatic yes
answering the unasked question
before it takes shape in your mind

"Affirmation" by Harryette Mullen

And just for fun, some words from Kate Miller-Heidke, from I Got the Way. Can always rely on Kate's lyrics to lift my mood:

I got the way, the way has got me
I still catch the 8:23
You sound distant on the phone
Distant in distance and in tone
It's so much better when we're together
Why don't you pack up, leave that weather
And come back home where it's always hot
Even when it's not

Here's to a great week :-)


Leanne Stamatellos said...

Hi there Loretta,

Hope you are not burning yourself out with all these commitments. I love your work always and know that you put your heart and soul into every piece - it must be so tricky juggling everything especially when you've had a sick household. Hope everything works out soon. Thanks for taking the time to log in and show us your latest stuff - always a treat!

amber jane said...

Rett - I have missed your words which always make me smile and I am sorry you had a rough week hun - I know how that feels and I just want to send you a big over the ocean's hug :)

Suzannah :o) said...

had a rough week myself Rett... seems the answer for me was to get out and spend two days with my little ones on Kindy Excersions! Really didn't want to leave the house, but so glad I did now!

Glad you are feeling a bit better now.

Happy to read more from you today. I miss seeing you at BB...

Take care of you

Petrina McDonald said...

Oh Loretta when I started reading your post I too felt a little has just been too long since the last lot of school holidays, hasn't it? Weary, bleary, teary so many of us are at this point of the year. Not winter. Not summer. Not anything but so much in need of a little break, a little time out.
Thankfully by the end of your cathartic post I was feeling a little better and it sounds like you are doing ok too. Your mini book for your quotes is just adorable - the sort of thing you need to pack in your bag and take swimming every week LOL! I hope I am lucky enough to have a friend like you had when I get to swimming tomorrow afternoon - weary and counting the days until the weekend/holidays. ok, talking to much now. Glad you posted. Love, P

Jilly Geraghty-Groves said...

Loretta, I am so touched by this post. Mainly because of your humility...sometimes, I think we can be so blinded by the brilliance of other people's words that we can't see the gift that we have. You DO have such a gift with your art...and your words. You are such an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hello Loretta

As inconvienient as it always seems, sometimes we do need the downer to savour the simple good things in life; like the late breakfast with pancakes and pj days. Your words and art are honest and inspiring to others.


Anonymous said...

Awww *HUGS* Rett. Come and visit me!!!!
Thinking of you and the gang.

Ann Lederhose said...

:0) hope you're all feeling fine now