Thursday, July 19, 2007


I'm not very good at keeping this place updated, but I have a proper excuse this time. We've been in North QLD, and since arriving home late on Tuesday night, my fingers have been frozen and I have been unable to type.

Visited Cairns, Kuranda, Daintree, Cape Tribulation and the Tablelands, and seriously thinking of finding some way of spending every winter up there.

Longer post soon, not sure when though - we're in the middle of Jumpers and Jazz craziness here. I'm working on a tree jumper with some friends and we need to have it finished by Saturday - having lots of fun making sweet little bird softies for it. Here's one that featured on a layout I did for two peas recently.

Libby Morris - so relieved that at least one person doesn't think I am pathetically daggy! (or are we both pathetic?) We need to get together and sing some Subterranean Homesick Karaoke - I know every word too. Not sure that anyone would want to hear me sing, though. Occasionally get complaints even from the children :-)


kass said...

I put this in my book of Seeds as soon as I saw it Rett, its gorgeous. I love the bird!

Giovanna Scott said...

Looks gorgeous Loretta. Unfortunately made a complete dog's breakfast of your projects from the convention, so will start from scratch again soon.

susan j said...

Hey chika, I tagged you!! You are now rockin".

Jaimie said...

Love the bird Retta - really cute! LO isnt too bad either ;o)

glad you got some time away in the sun. Hope you are well

Ramona said...

Loretta, I love your LOs. (An I use the stamps you sent me regularly!!!) I think, 7 years ago, when I was visiting Autralia, I sat on that very bench. Did you take the train to Kuranda, or the skyrail? Just reading about it makes me feel un-homesick (or what is the opposite if homesick?)