Saturday, June 23, 2007

Convention, part 1 - the people

Finally posting some convention pics! We've had lots of work, and busy days and visitors, so I'm a little late. Thanks to everyone who has been sending me photos.

Can I just begin by saying that I *did* change my clothes each day, but it seems that every photo was taken on the same day. Honestly!

Michelle, me and Chris. It was so great to meet these girls in real life finally, although I'm not sure what I could possibly teach them! I'm reluctant to post their class layouts, as they look better than mine! (I'll show you in the next post)

the gorgeous Deb Godley. And a very talented girl - check out her blog to see the amazing altered guitar she made, which was on display on the weekend.

The beautiful Tamworth girls, who were so much fun to have in my classes! Top photo - Jen and Hayley, bottom photo - Lisa and Bev. It was great to meet you all!

Out for dinner on Sunday night with Kelly Goree of Basic Grey, and Ngaire. Thank you so much Ngai for being so wonderful to share a classroom with - I was so fortunate to have your help in my classes, and I learned so much from having the opportunity to help in your classes. Hope we can work together again soon!

After knowing Kelly online for quite a while, and working together on the cherryArte design team, I was excited to be finally meeting her in person. And what a beautiful, talented, sweet and funny person she is! At the end of the first day of classes, the first place I headed was Kelly's classroom to find her, and I was disappointed to see that she had already left. Anyway, I turned a corner only to find her - and she had been looking for me! She was working hard, teaching 3 classes a day with only short breaks in between, but we managed to catch up a few times.

And last but not least (sorry about the blurry photo!) Ngai and I with the gorgeous Donna McPherson, managing editor of Scrapbook Creations. Thank you so much for everything you did for us Donna, and for your company all weekend - it was lovely to meet you!

Thank you to all the girls who came to my classes, and it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces from last year. Also great to recognise names and faces from other scrapbookers online, and girls who comment here. Great to see you there Petrina, Ann, Giovanna, Briohny and Kathryn. A big thanks also to Kirsten and Judy of Expertise Events for all your help.
I also had the pleasure of catching up with Katja and Steve, Carol-Lea and Craig, Jill, Angela, Leanne and Lorraine. And heaps more, I know I'm probably forgetting somebody.
Wow- it took quite a bit of detective work to find all those bloglinks - hope they're all working! I really need to add some more people to that giant list over there----->>>>
Project pics in the next post!


Deb G said...

Thanks so much Loretta! Im touched!

jilly said...

Rett it was so wonderful finally getting to me you. I'm in awe!!

I Scrap therefore I am said...

linky dinky doo!!! That WAS a big post Loretta. It was so lovely to meet you - next time you will have to arrange to get everyone together in the one spot - and you will definitely have to do MORE classes! And I will have to take more classes lol!
Love, P.

Leanne Stamatellos said...

It was lovely to catch up with you also Loretta - you are always such a kind and thoughtful person. Hope to catch up again next time you're in Brisbane.