Friday, June 15, 2007

all we are saying....

Saw this post on Ngaire's blog, and it reminded me of this poster I picked up a few weeks ago :-)
From seedsavers, with artwork by Kathleen Browne. I also have a "Lettuce Be" one!
A huge hug and thank you to everyone who has posted messages of congratulations. And to all those who have sent me emails - thank you, and I will reply! This week has been a little crazy.
A couple of girls have sent me pictures of their finished class projects from the convention, and they look fantastic! I'll be putting up some photos and projects in the next post, so if you are happy to share please send them to


Giovanna Scott said...

Oh yeah....those bags are still unpacked too Loretta!! LOL....thanks for a fun and inspiring class on Sunday. I think I've paper pieced on everything since!!!
Will send finished projects next week.
Thanks again.

Rachelle said...

love the poster
and loved seeing
you in the "garden"
this morning :)