Friday, March 02, 2007


I made this collage for the latest dare at How Dare You, Inspired by Asia. I'm particularly loving Japanese inspired tattoos at the moment, and I have had been wanting to do something with this poem for some time. So combining the two with an image of a koi fish seemed appropriate.

The poem I used was written by Bruce Dawe, and has always been one of my favourites of his. I was lucky to have been one of his students when I was at Uni.

All Scenic Route papers here - I love using their papers for this kind of work, as the colours are so intense and the papers are strong and stand up to lots of mod-podging, stitching, etc..

Presences to my students

This I would say: love life

for what is always beyond you,

the perfume of a girl who has gone

just as you entered the room,

the ripple on the bright pool

of the fish already steadily swimming

elsewhere, the cat's foot-fall

on the purring carpet, the smile

on the face that is turned ever so slightly

away from you, no insult intended,

so that you are never sure

whether what you saw

ever really happened

(girl, fish, cat, smile)

until the very last

when you know

and the pencil falls



Ngaire said...

You are a true artist.



Jaimie said...

WOW Rett - just WOW!

Louise said...


The I Scrap therefore I am Scrapbooking Club. said...

Loretta this is ART, pure and simple. You are a cut above.

Petrina. xx

Nicole Finlayson said...

Amazing Loretta

jilly said...

Again you leave me speechless....

kass said...

stunning, Rett...just stunning.

Ruthy said...

Well matey I always knew we had a gem of an artist in our midst way before i even seen your work, looks like I was right in my observations and instinct LOL! High 5 from me matey, your old once local scrapmatey!!
Ruthy x

amber jane said...

As always I am totally inspired and totally in awe - this is my kind of art :)

janinek said...

This is just so cool!!

Judy said...


Marina said...

It's just gorgeous, Rett, I've been admiring it all week on BB. I've often wondered about your stitching -- do you do it with a regular machine stitch or do you drop the feed dogs and do it "freehand"? (I've never left a comment on a blog before so I hope I do this right!)

leanne stamatellos said...

It's always so great to see your work - even better in real life - they are always just so artsy!

Love the pics of you ! I like the one with you scratching your head - hehe - like you're thinking about a new layout.

Ruby Violet, love this name, I'm sure you'll come up eith something just as wonderful!