Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I've been enjoying

this CD recently.

Many of my favourite female artists have donated their time to support the important cause of raising funds to establish Australia's first human milk bank. Marea Ryan is a midwife and lactation consultant, and has set up a not for profit organisation, which you can read about here. The Gift is available for purchase on her site, or from Mother's Direct. I'm particularly loving the song "Spokes in the Wheel" by Zardi. Think I need to check out more of her music.

Didn't I just receive the latest Scrapbook Creations? Well, another one arrived yesterday, and I have to mention Jeni's Reality Bites feature - thank you so much to Jeni, Deb, Sue, Elizabeth and Marieke for sharing your stories with us - you are all such beautiful and strong women.
And I love the cover layout by Tracey Pickersgill , who was the winner of the cover layout comp - fantastic work! Also excited to see a teensy little Nicholas on the front cover :-) I'll share Nic's layout later as I need to photograph it, but here is the one I did for Jeni's astrology feature. I was the featured Aquarian, and I blame the Aquarian rebel in me for this layout - I just didn't feel like doing an about me page!
Metamorphosis is a good way to describe the creative process for me, as ideas evolve as I work, and the end product is usually quite different to the idea I had at the beginning. I found a beautiful greeting card with artwork by Alphonse Mucha which I used here behind the butterfly, scanned from an old Dover Publication called Exotic Alphabet and Ornament. Bit hard to see here, but there is a lot of stamping and clear embossing over the top of this - I'll take a better photo and post it next time.

The Peace Festival website has been updated some more, and it looks like being a wonderful week. If you are anywhere near Warwick, I urge you to come along. This is just the second peace festival, so it is still in the growth stages, and it would be great to see as many people supporting it as possible. There are many events planned, ending with a Peace in the Park day on the last Saturday, and a lantern parade/closing ceremony/music event on the Sunday evening. I'll be contributing to the lantern parade by running a workshop for teens and adults to make the star lanterns that I showed in one of my posts below, and other tutors will be teaching childrens' lantern making in the park.
Ooh, I almost forgot.....OUCH!

I was making fish and chips for dinner on Sunday night, and sliced a decent-sized piece off the top of my left thumb, and it hurt!! A lot. Don't think I really got an appropriate amount of sympathy at the time, so thought I'd mention it here..lol.. don't worry, I won't share a photo.


Nicole Finlayson said...

Hi Rett,

Loved your SC work this month. I especially loved your Tech Team lo and your astrology one.

It is an awesome issue this month.

Great work :)

Nic xx

The I Scrap therefore I am Scrapbooking Club. said...

sympathy - ha ha - Mums don't get sympathy! LOVED your layouts in SC - what a great mag! You are right - Jeni's article was the best!
Petrina. xx

Princess Lu the Scatterbrained said...

Hi Rett, loved the butterfly layout! Very gorgeous and looks fantastic. Sorry to hear about you being the walking wounded!!! I've been like the living dead with the flu this week and actually got a gobsmacking amount of sympathy, small children bringing me tea and cups of cold water and a husband who put me to bed at 6.30 last night and took over all the nighttime shift with 4 kids by himself!!! I think you maybe need to moan and cry a bit more, maybe that'll do it! lol

Cya, Lu

Tara said...

Wow that is just gorgeous! Love the butterfuly.

Rebecca said...

Hi Rett,

LOng live the Aquarian Rebel.


Tammy said...

Oh Rett that butterfly page is just gorgeous. OuCH is right but thanks for not sharing a pic of that one. ;)

Jeni O'Connor said...

Wow Rett so glad you posted your butterfly lo.

I absolutely adored it in SC and wanted a closer look. So you!
Gosh it's gorgeous.

Thanks too for your comments about Reality Bites. I'm so proud of that feature and all the girls in it.

janinek said...

I really feel for your poor thumb! And all in he course of preparing a meal. So many little accidents happen while we are catering for our family and no, we don't receive the outpooring of sympathy it deserves!! So consider this an outpooring!! LOL!!

Sue McGettigan said...

The butterfly lured me over here from 2Peas. Sorry about the finger, perhaps it's the fact that Mum's keep on keeping on, Terminator style, even when we're walking wounded. If you don't flail around and stop doing laundry, meals, TLC and general maintenance the family just figures everything's A-OK!