Saturday, January 06, 2007

a new year...

Spent the first day of the year at the Woodford Folk Festival - now that this has become a tradition for me again, it just wouldn't feel right to do anything else! Juanita and I were a little concerned when we saw the program that by going on the last day we were missing out on many of the big name acts who were performing there this year, but we love being there for the
closing ceremony.
It's a beautiful ritual. My wish this year was adapted a little, with a wish for peace + a change in government. So stay tuned at election time - they will be counting the votes, and there will be confusion, followed by a break in transmission, after which an announcement will be made that there is no need to count the votes this year as news has just arrived that someone made a wish :-)

We needn't have worried about missing the big names - we discovered so many wonderful performers. Po'girl (above) were our absolute favourite - such talented young women. Other favourites were The Black Market Rhythm Co., Tecoma, Women in Docs, Kaya and Jodi Martin.

I love this place. Everyone is so easy going, calm and friendly. The festival streets are full of performers and colour and dust (or mud!). No-one cares what they look like. On hot days (which fortunately this year it wasn't), you can sit and pour the contents of your water bottle over your head, and no-one will even notice. The stallholders have such beautiful displays. Hero and Leander was once again my favourite.

Love those stars! I need to learn how to make these so I can have a display like this at home, to add to all the other stars. Here's a layout I made about my star obsession, from this month's Scrapbook Creations.

The large star in the middle, with the journaling around it, is the lightshade that hangs in my bedroom. I learnt how to make them many years ago at Woodford, and once you know how they are quite easy, and only need bamboo skewers, greaseproof paper (I used baking paper as it's a bit stronger), and lots of hot glue and pva glue. I have a few of these in various stages of completion which I hope to finish these holidays.
Did you see I finally put a pretty banner up? Can anyone tell me how I can get rid of the title below it? It's a little superfluous as the title is on the banner, but I keep deleting things from my template and it won't budge! I switched to the new blogger where you sign in with your google account and I have the option of getting rid of the old fashioned template, which for someone like me who doesn't understand html would probably be a good idea. But I'm a bit worried about losing all my links and having to put them in again, and I'm too lazy to do that right now.
Thanks to everyone who posted below, and for all your lovely comments and Christmas wishes. I really appreciate each comment, and I'm sorry I'm so bad at replying, particularly in the last couple of months as I seem to be perpetually behind on puter stuff. Sally, you asked which products I used for the Body Art layout - the patterned papers are Comstock from We R Memory Keepers, and the embossed paper is from Signature Sensations. Title font is 2peas Bohemia by Tia Bennett.
Anyway, back to reality now, work and all the everyday stuff. Cutting back just a little bit on my scrapping stuff this year, and hoping to hang onto a little of that Woodford spirit throughout the year.


I Scrap therefore I am said...

Yes, Loretta, I did notice your new title and recognise it from one of your layouts (I think?). It is beautiful. No help at all from me about how to remove the title below it - I am still stuggling to put a pic instead of my title!!
Happy New Year by the way!

Anonymous said...

Hi Loretta,
My name is Kaz and I love your layouts. The Woodford festival looked wonderful, I will get there one day myself. Do you have a pattern for the star lanterns or know of a link? I just did a search but couldnt find one. It's something I would like to try, ditto the beaded stars.

ngaire Bartlam said...

Hey babe! I ADORE your new banner! just beautiful.. LOVE your work.. and re Woodford.. OMG!! I am SO desperate to get there! THIS YEAR!! I WILL!

LOVE the beaded stars.. sigh.. so beautiful!

All the best , and the most peaceful, and the most beautiful 2007 you could wish for!


Ruthy said...

Happy New year my friend! I thought you girls might be at the festival again this year LOL!
Love your work matey forever evolving I say in different directions and beautiful at every turn. A big congrats to our other matey Juanita on her recent win as a ETer! Love the film clip too! I think this was the principle aim of Jesus coming to this world. Just a shame people don't do this instead of fighting hey and causing wars!But change can start with just one! Have a great year!

love Ruthy x

Nicole Finlayson said...

Hey Loretta :)

Happy New Year and your NYDay sounds perfect.

Thanks for the links to the acts you saw. I checked out Women In Docs and I love them already ;). Lucky you can download their albums on site.

Thanks again and hope your 2007 is a good one.

Nicole xx

PS - You have to delete the code under "blog title" I think. It might be "blog header" it's been ages since i used blogger. If you're worried, highlight the template, copy and paste into a Word document and then if you mess up your template, you can get it back from there.

Hope that helped a bit.....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful title! Don't cut back on scrapping! I'm just *now* rejoining you!

Missed you and wishing you peace in the new year. Maybe you could send a change of gov't our way, too,

Elizabeth M said...

Rett I've been waiting for the Woodford photos this year.. can't wait to see the layout :D Love the new banner!! I found a couple of star trivets in my kitchen draw today I might have to have a go at making a light catcher!!

Mel Diener said...

These photos are so cool Rett, sounds like THE place to be.

Loved that layout in SC, it's so different and really stood out to me.

Rachel Greig said...

Hi Rett! Sounds like you had a great time! I've heard that this festival is great - must get there sometime!

Ramona said...

Hello Loretta, Just wanted to let you know that your wonderful stamps arrived today. I actually left a message on your blog this morning, but somehow it's not showing. I love the card you made. Wish my sewing skills were as good as yours! Many thansk again for that great RAK!

vivian said...

hey - happy newyear! {bit late sorry} love these stars!! how cool are they? would love to see you making them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Loretta,
The star lantern LO is great - we actually have a Lantern Parade here in Lismore every year around the time of the winter solstice. There are lots of wonderfully huge lanterns created and there is a parade down to the river at night. There are lots of workshops leading up to the parade where different members of the community help to make the amazing lanterns.If you get a chance, you should come down to see it.

Kirsten N, Lismore, NSW