Wednesday, January 17, 2007

it's just over a year...

till my birthday..

Well, that's the joke around here at the moment, a Little Britain reference. It's actually just under a week till my 39th birthday, but what kind of an age is 39? You might as well just be forty and get it over and done with. When Pete turned 39 I reminded him that he was actually starting his 40th year, and he wasn't impressed for some reason. I don't mind - I'm actually getting excited about turning 40. My late thirties have been my favourite time of life so far, and I know my forties will be even better.

There's a new dare up at the Aussie Dares blog - set by me this time, and we'd love you to join in. The dare is to be inspired by film or tv. Here's my layout, inspired by a very silly scene in the Steve Martin film The Jerk. You can read my ramblings about it over there.

The trading card project I am co-ordinating at the gallery is underway. We've had quite a bit of interest so far, and it's fun to see ATCs being made in all kinds of media. Here are my latest ATC sets. I created the patterned papers by colouring in oil pastel, then scratching the patterns into it. I then sprayed clear picture varnish on all the bits and pieces, and machine stitched them together. These sets are the first two in a "Night Clouds" series.

Here are a couple of close-ups, to show the detail:

*** To Kaz, who was asking about the star lanterns in the last post - I don't know of any links to sites on making these, but when I next make one, I'd be happy to photograph the steps and put up a little tutorial here.


bloggedissue said...

Oh those atcs are just beautiful...

Suzannah :o) said...

you are a true artist Rett... I am so energized and inspired everytime I drop by here... thank you

Rachelle said...

so inspired
by you,
my friend!!
birthday :)

kathie said...

LOL, you're not even 39 and you're contemplating turning 40. Forty is wonderful. Not really much different to 39 though. Or 41 :)
Love the ATCs. You are so artistic.

Ramona said...

You suprise me every time I visit your blog. You are the true master of the sewing machine!

Oh, and I used your stamps (and the on a LO today. Here's the link:

Tammy James said...

Hi Rett,
These ATC series of yours are just simply stunning They look so gorgeous and textural that I want to touch them.

ngaire Bartlam said...

Hello my darling!!!!
LOVE your blog..cos I get to see SUCH divine work!! the layout is totally cool.. and the ATCS are to DIE FOR!!!!!!!
Do you do commissions???????

Also what date is your birthday darl?
Mine is the 24th and i am also 39.. and I get what you mean about being NEARLY 40.. BRING IT ON i say!!!

Peace and love,

susan j said...

OMG Loretta, those ATC's are so FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 39th Birthday for this week!!

Sue said...

OH MY GOSH LORETTA!!! Those ATCs are amazing! I would love to frame them and hang them on my wall!! Beautiful.

Katja said...

Happy Birthday for next week!! Your work is always inspiring :)

Mel Diener said...

Wow Rett, those trading cards are unbelievable, so inspiring.