Wednesday, November 15, 2006

you may say I'm a dreamer...

...but I'm not the only one...

Yes, I have a song for every occasion. I'm a dag, and I don't care :-P

Actually, this is the one that I was listening to today:

Good People Audio only version

Video too, for those with patience (or who prefer to see Jack while they listen to him ;-)

OK, now that I have that out of my system, I feel like spreading some love. So I have a spare packet of my Blue Bazaar stamps (see post below for a piccy)to give away. All you have to do is post a comment with a happy, positive message about anything and I'll put your name in the draw. International readers welcome too!


Kathy said...

So nice to read a happy blog. Too many bloggers ( myself included) tend to get on a negative spin.

It rained today ! We love the rain. My kids are happy and healthy and I have a pretty wonderful life - great job, good friends and a pantry with chocolate and wine.
What more could you wish for!
Happy happy joy joy!!!

Chris Millar said...

What a sweet thing to do Rett! I'd love to win a pack of your stamps! They are so cool!

My positive thought is that tomorrow it's our 10th wedding anniversary and I feel so lucky to be in such a loving relationship! We've been together since we were 16 and still going stronger than ever!!

Peta said...

where did all the good people go? Why they are here - I'm looking at them right now hehe.

Siting here eating youghurt, looking at Jack, posting blog comments and chating to my boy - can life be any sweeter - well it could it could be chocolate i'm snaking on and not youghurt!! ROFL>!

okay off now to go wish Miz Chris a happy aniversary on her blog...

Anonymous said...

Awww- that's really sweet!

Ok- My happy posititve message is that today is the first day of the rest of my life- i've decided to stop hiding behind my weight issues and actively start to change my habits to promote my self esteem and confidence! I know i can do it, and i WILL !!

hugs xx

Anonymous said...

Rett you are such a sweetheart - I think the happiness you spread is wonderful and can only be contagious - the best kind of thing to catch from someone else :)
Have a fab and happy day xx

chilli said...

Rett .. keep spreading the love!

My happiness for the day .. I survived the first night of weaning my baby boy of a bottle at bed time! We are on the way to Night time potty training! Yay!

debbie said...

Love your trading cards below. They are so bright and happy.
Love reading all these great blogs for inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

Nicole Finlayson said...

Oo I love Jack - thanks for a wonderful start to the day :)

A song for every occasion isn't daggy, it makes sense I think, or is that because I can apply a song to every situation to. Nah it's not daggy Rett, the rest of the world must be the daggy ones surely - roflmao.

Okay happy message ;)

Um hooray, I'm home with my girl today,
We can work and then play,
The sun's shining, the sky's not too grey,
So it will be a happy old day today - roflmao.


Marie said...

Everyday is a happy day. One just has to have the right attitude to make it so! It's quite easy - wake with a smile on your face and keep smiling. :)

Carol-lea said...

I'm all for positive stuff too. I want to send out a big ol hug to all scrappers...let's embrace what brought us all together in the first place!!

And I too am loving the rain...and even the blackout that came along with it...haven't had one of those in ages!!!

Johannagoanna said...

Loretta, I have to tell you about the positive spin you help to put on my days, everytime I read your blog. I haven't commented before but I read your blog almost everyday. You have such a similar taste in music to me, thankyou so much for all the links (loved the Ben Lee Blog - did you get his last podcast?). Oh, and I want to come up to the Peace Festival - what a fantastic even to have happen in your town!

So, Loretta, keep your positives coming, some days it is what keeps me going - that and music. Have you discovered the new James Morrison - the English guy, not our brass instrument player???

luv Jo

jules said...

Hey Rett,

I am today on a MG inspired journey spreadin some love too! LOL

Just the first few words of song so totally conjure such bitter sweet memories for me, my parents split when I was five and in my confusion and sadness I kept it all inside, my "family together" memories that were much craved but never fullfilled were instead substituted with times with each of my parents. I remember laying with my Dad on the loungeroom floor of his new apartment, still unfurnished and looking into his loving eyes as he sang that song to me. For that precious moment I felt all was right in my world, I was secure and loved, right were I was meant to be, in my daddys arms.

I know that isnt an entirely positive memory, but to me it still brings a smile to my face and thanks to you and you post I will hum the tune all day.

Love your creativity by the way! The ATC's you made are absolutely stunning, love love love them.

Keep spreadin all this love babe, its like fertilizer, more we give out more it goes round.


Mel Diener said...

That is so cool Rett.

My positive message is that no matter how bad things are looking today, tomorrow is another day. Keep hope in your heart and know that something better is always lurking around the corner.

Mel xxx

Anonymous said...

So you dont mind if I sing a song too......well I am actually at work and shouldn't be blogging but...
Dont Worry, Be la la la la la la la la....Dont Worry Be Happy


linda said...

Thank you for having a geat friendly message...seems everywhere else we scrappers are upset. I enjoy reading you blog. Very nice of you to offer a pack of your stamps.
Enjoy your day

Tammy James said...

I'd like to leave a quote I found recently as my positive message Rett.
"It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself in the process"
Ralph waldo Emmerson

Coby said...

Hi Loretta, today is my birthday and I have been very spoilt. The best gift of all was cuddles with my little ones and my sweetheart.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return".
Nat King Cole

Bec said...

Rett what a sweety you are! Spread the love!

"What the world needs now, is love sweet love"

Positive thoughts breed positve thoughts, so focus on what is good in your life and you will lighten up those darkest places.

Pam said...

Hi from Bonny Scotland. just wanted to say how much I enjoy my visits to Aussie scrapping blogs- You girls are the best! so creative and so many of you doing such awe inspiring stuff. Hope to see some of you next year when I visit! Songs are great sources of inspiration- I have done one LO based on Paul Simons 'Father and daughter' and am thinking now about Kirsty McCole's 'thank you for the Days'
Anyway, love your blog.

Ramona said...

My happy thought: I got a box of OREO cookies yesterday. And it gives me great pleasure to eat them all... Oreos are very hard to get here and I had a friend in the US sending me some. Oh, they are soooo yummy...

lusi said...

That's such a wonderful idea - spreading the love Rett - i love it! Love your songs for all occasions too :)
My positive thought is that if everyone started off their day couting 5 things they were truly thankful for, our world would be a much better place. So its 8am, I'm here and here are my 5 things I'm thankful for this morning:
1. Our wonderful Aussie scrap community that rallies together in good and hard times
2. Running warm water from my tap
3. That me & Brett adore our children and that they know that!
4. Disposable nappies
5. All the sale bargains I go yesterday when I was grocery shopping with the kids
Lots of hugs Rett!
Lus x

Colette said...

Hey Rett - how could we not be positive is my question today. Life is great - full of ups and downs,but that is what makes life, life! A giant rollercoaster. Life is also what we make of it - if we approach life with a positive attitude, then strangely enough, things tend to go right - and we get over the negatives much quicker. I am feeling more energetic than I have in weeks (finally overcoming this virus), my ds has achieved a personal goal (yeh!!) and I just bought a new camera! More to learn - ain't life grand?!!
Spread the joy - and keep dreaming!

Anonymous said...

Hi Loretta
Thank you for starting this comment thread of spreading positive vibes!

I live a simple life; I luv my work, I luv to go out for breakfast, I luv my coffee, Im a handbag addict and I luv to scrap.,...But what I luv most is that my firends have made me their family and without reservation turn to me when when they need help.

Cheers Louise :)

Kelly said...

My happy thought for today is that it's Friday!! Which means I can have a sleep in. Yay! I LOVE the weekends. Also to make it even better, my LSS, is having a 25% off storewide sale.
I am so happy I could burst!!
P.s And I have 2 blocks of chocolate in the fridge.
(The ultimate happy trifecta- sleep, scrapping & chocolate!!)

Rosa A said...

Hi Loretta
There is no money needed when..Life brings happiness in the most little things... like the cute things my daughter says out of the blue that is ....
enjoy your day!

Sarah & Barry said...

Nothing better in life than positivity, and laughter. My positive motto that I live by is PEACE, LOVE AND MUNGBEANS BABY..
Rett I also love your ATC's below.


Kim A said...

I just want to say that

"Life is good"

I have just finished a delightful little mini book from an ASS kit "Something Good" and it just reinforces to me that I am so lucky and life is so very very good.


Anonymous said...

Lots of people want these stamps Rett :D
My positive thought: Having just spent a couple days in hospital it made me very grateful for the relative good health I have and also very grateful for my, also relative, youth.
While you can still get around unhindered and with ease you should take every advantage of
that. If you can just keep in mind that you are not elderly and stuck in a hosdpital bed for the rest of your days then life will quickly seem a whole lot better.

Rebecca said...

I am not a person who finds words easily so all I can say is 'smile and the world will smile with you' it works for my kids on public transport.

random thoughts said...

I lurve how you are always referring to song lyrics. It gives me a tune in my head to sing along to and smile about.

My little positive anecdote happened today. My 5 year old daughter has chicken pox and today I had the day off to spend it with her. While she was sitting squirming and scratching, she held my hand and said, "Today is a great day, because I get to spend it with my mum".

It's the simple things I tell ya...

Anonymous said...

LIVE each day to the fullest!!!

Ann Lederhose said...

Don't you just love that feeling when you have finished a LO that you are so pleased with it and you pop it up somewhere in your house so you can see it, and you need to stop by and look at it again and again cos you are just so pleased with it....Think about that for a moment....Can you feel it? That's one of the reasons why we scrap....enjoy it and don't let anyone take that away from you :)

susan j said...

Am I too late? PLease say NO!!!!! My little piece of happiness is :

If you have positive thoughts and project positivity then positive things will happen to you!!

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to come to a blog that has such a happiness about it. Good on you Rett for being such a positive person and for encouraging all of us to follow in your footsteps.