Friday, October 27, 2006

I've been caught!

I had to laugh when I saw the latest Scrapbook Creations. Not at the magazine, because it is once again full of inspiration (Love Jaimie's cover layout), but because I've been caught out and now everyone knows what a big slacko I really am. When I did this layout for the hinging feature, I was rushing to get it in the mail and I thought I could add the hidden journaling when I got it back. Didn't occur to me that they would want to actually photograph behind the hinged part!

I would photograph and show you the finished layout, as it has arrived back home, but of course I still haven't added the journaling. It will be the story of Max's little obsession with twisting my hair. It started as something he would do when he was tired or while breastfeeding. Back when it started I had long hair, so it was easy for him to reach up with his little arm and touch my hair. It progressed from the need to be touching my hair, to this habit of twisting his fingers tightly in it. I remember one night waking up in pain because he was tugging on my hair, and not being able to extract his fingers. I turned on the light to see what was going on, and his fingertips were starting to turn blue! That didn't deter him though, and he still will do the hair twisting thing when he is tired, or when he comes into our bed at night.
Only recently (and he is now over 5) he discovered that he could do it on his own hair, which I had mixed feelings about. It was kind of cute, because he would be walking around with these little curly bits at the back of his hair all the time, and it did let me off the hook for a little while. It was a bit of a worry though, because his own hair is always available, and I was concerned that it would progress into a habit of pulling out hair. A short haircut last week seems to have put a stop to it for now.

I seem to do a lot of layouts in blue/turquoise/green! One of my favourite colour combos. So in keeping with the colour scheme of this blog post, here's another one from this month's SC. I love this photo of Ruby, turning our backyard into an art installation :-)


Jaimie said...

LOL - dont you hate it when you get 'caught'!!

love your work Rett ... ALL the time xxx

deb said...

Beautiful work. I love the color combo too. May have to try it on my next layout.

Tammy James said...

Hi Rett,
Hope you don't mind my popping in, these are Beautiful LO's I especially like the first one, those scenic route papers are yummy. You use them beautifully.

steph devlin said...

Rett, divine as usual.

My fav.... the one inspired by Van Gogh. Has to be one of my fav's of yours. How can you not love his art.

Steph xo

Just love the story about the hair twisting. So precious.

Nicole Finlayson said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, all of them, and oops on the journalling block - lol

random thoughts said...

Thought you would like to know that I received a set of your stamps today. I LOVE THEM!!!!! So very very funky. Can not wait to use them. Congrats.

I Scrap therefore I am said...

Loretta - I am laughing about the hair thing!!! My daughter has the same problem - and it started with the breast feeding too! I had to ask my hairdresser to leave my fringe long because I was getting a sore neck from bending towards her as she twisted on it.
Love the layouts on your post. LOVE the vellum masterpiece in the latest For Keeps. Keep up the great work. Petrina.