Monday, October 09, 2006

I'll think of a title for the post later, maybe...

Thanks to everyone who has been sending me their cherryArte comp entries. For those who haven't yet, there's still plenty of time! I realized after I wrote the first question, that the answer will change as new layouts are uploaded to the site each fortnight. But I'll take that into consideration, so don't worry :-) Thanks for sharing your little secrets with me, too - it's been fun reading them all!

Here's a layout I made with the new products I'm giving away. Well, not the actual new products I'm giving away, because that would be mean… I've used the Classic Coffee paper line, and the Natural and Alpha chipboard. Also used some Scenic Route chipboard letters for the title.

The title quote is from Brian Andreas, and the journaling reads:
"You're tired, messy and happy. We've been in the vege garden planting seeds, and now the late afternoon sun is shining through storm clouds and we can smell the rain. I take this photo of you, and it reminds me of one I have of me at the same age. A lot can change in 30 years, but the sweet and simple everyday joys are still the same."

I like this photo of Ruby, as it shows her true personality. She loves to get dressed up, but she's not a neat and tidy kid. She's happiest when she's outside in the garden, climbing trees and playing with chickens. And that's the same reason I love the photo of me and my two older sisters. It shows us how we really were most of the time – not all perfect and clean in pretty crochet dresses with knee-high socks and shiny shoes, like many of our photos would imply.

I was reminded of Wacky Races as I was making this layout, because that is what is on my t-shirt in the photo. I'm pretty sure it was the Creepy Coupe, although my favourite characters were Penelope Pitstop and Muttley the dog.

Now I'm feeling old. Juanita and I each took our two oldest kids to see Kasey Chambers recently. And the fact that we are going to country music concerts with our kids isn't what made me feel old, surprisingly! The support act was her husband, Shane Nicholson (who is pretty good, actually). He was introducing a cover version of one of his favourite songs, one of those songs that he said he couldn't remember a time when it wasn't around, a Paul Simon classic. I was thinking maybe Bridge over Troubled Water, but the song? Boy in the Bubble. From 1986ish. I was old enough to vote when that song came out. *sigh*

School started back today, and too soon really, because the kids were sick for most of the two weeks and we didn't get a chance to do all the things they wanted to do. I got a chance to do a bit of spring cleaning and organisation of my scrap stuff, but that's not very exciting. Nic is still not feeling 100%, so he's at home today, and having a Partridge Family marathon. Gotta love a kid who appreciates the Partridge Family :-)

And lastly check out the new look Scenic Route website - looking good! Keep an eye out for the gorgeous new Rockland papers being released at Memory Trends - you can see some more pictures here.

Well, as I have already lost this entire post twice and had to type it all again, I think I'll quit while I'm ahead!


susan j said...

LOVE that LO Loretta!! Bugger about the kids being sick. Did you get it too?

I would LOVE to see Casey Chambers. She is so good. I thought she was divorced now though? Or on the verge of it anyway. Just remember, You are only as old as the man you are feeling!! Sorry, I couldn't resist. I am always in the gutter.

Megan said...

Hi Loretta,

I have been a fan of yours for quite some time now and only stumbled across your blog this morning :-)

I just love your ability to create such amazing layouts...I love every one of them!

Megan xx

Mel Diener said...

Rett..that layout has blown me away, it's totally awesome.

Great giveaway..that is so cool, I'm just too lazy to enter lol

vivian said...

love this page, love the stories that come with it too. thank you for sharing.. love your way with words. :o)

Suzannah :o) said...

Love the LO Rett... WOW it is such a fantastic story and one that I know Ruby will be able to look back on from her adult years and smile, hell, I could almot smell the rain and the freshly turned earth just reading your journalling....

A beautifully designed LO too... wish I had half your skills girl! Perfect!

Liz said...

Hi Loretta

I love that layout - I would love to scraplift it but I don't think I would know where to start.

I really love that title and the alphas you have used.

Anonymous said...

just stumbled across your blog and I so love this LO
anna x

lusi said...

I soooooooo wanted to be in the Partridge Family!!! LOL
I just think that lo is divine rett - i come here and take big inspiration-breaths in.
thanks rett :)
Lus x

Nicole Finlayson said...

Hey Rett,

Another divine and gorgeous layout. :) Days like those are really my favourites, they are what makes life rich. ;)

Now thanks also for the reminder about Whacky Races. Penelope and Muttley were my favourites too - lol.

And you know what. You're not old, just experienced. Growing old really is a priviledge, one denied to many but I'm hearing you - roflmao!!!!

Nicole xx

Ramona said...

Wow, congratulations on this LO. It is one of the most fabulous I've seen lately. I'll bookmark your blog and hope to see many more...

Anonymous said...

Wow Loretta, what a gorgeous, gorgeous layout love it. I am sorry to here about your kids being sick as well, my little darlings have had it as well.

Faye said...

Beautiful, just incredibly beautiful, Love everything about this, it's definitely on my scraplift list.