Wednesday, September 13, 2006

sprucing up the blog

as it's been a bit neglected lately! I was at the Scrapbook Creations site today, checking out the cover of the latest mag because I heard my layout was on it (Ruby is so excited!), and I read this in Jannah's editorial:

I’m getting addicted to blogs and here are just a few of my many favourites:,,,

I have to stop at that but there are plenty more I frequent. Yes girls – beware the editor of Scrapbook Creations is lurking!

and I just happen to have the perfect picture to go with that quote, Jannah!

In light of my blog address being in the mag, I thought I'd better dust off the cobwebs around here and try to post some pictures :-)
Things are a little crazy here - I'm madly trying to finish off some layouts which should have been finished and posted days ago, Max has been a little off-colour and having restless nights, and I have a job interview tomorrow that I am not at all prepared for! eek

Here's my layout from last week's Blue Bazaar portal. The theme was Ali Edwards inspired, so I used the photo/journaling/file tab placement from one of her layouts in the July CK. The clear embossed butterflies are an idea I saw on another Ali project (not sure where - maybe on her blog?). The stamps are new from cherryArte and will be released soon.

Looking at this layout, though, I think it's more Anja than Ali inspired, really. If I'm looking for inspiration that's full of vintage-y goodness, Anja's gallery never disappoints. I love the way she uses old photos and everyday snapshots in her layouts, and her journaling has so much feeling.

The tree in that photo is actually a flowering pear which doesn't fruit, but at the moment we have little almonds and mulberries growing, and flowers on our plum tree. Here are some photos I took on the weekend.

Ok, enough spring cleaning - I'd better go and finish off those layouts, and prepare for that interview...


Chris Millar said...

The photo of Jannah goes perfectly!LOL

Congrats on the cover Loretta! It's a super layout and I can't wait to get the mag and study it closely!

Funky Finds said...

your layouts are fabulous!

Rachelle said...

huge congrats on the cover
Rett!! my lss is carrying
the mag now. so excited!!
love the pix.

Donna said...

Hey YOU! Congratulations on the cover. It is an outstanding layout and truly worthy of the top spot. Love it, love it, love IT! :)

viv said...

i'm so glad you updated! and love your pictures!

Jeni said...

Hee Hee!!! Hope Jannah sees it.

Great pic too. LOL

Congrats again on the cover. You know I love that lo. Go Ruby!!