Friday, September 29, 2006

Big Giveaway (with a cherry on top)!

This is going to be fun. I love giving stuff away!

Luise from cherryArte has very generously supplied the design team members with a parcel of goodies to giveaway how we like. It contains one of each of the new release products, so that means 3 entire paper lines, 5 packages of chipboard and 4 sets of unmounted stamps. This stuff is gorgeous!! Here's a piccy.

I'll be giving mine away as one big prize to one of my lucky Aussie and NZ readers. (Internationals, I'm sorry. But there will be giveaways in other parts of the world too - see further down)
(^^^edited to add NZ, too!)

All you need to do is answer the quiz below. Cut and paste it into an email, answer the questions and send it to me at

Easy!!! All the answers can be found on the cherryArte website, unless I have said otherwise.

After you have emailed me your quiz answers, post a comment here to let me know. To make it more interesting than just "I emailed you" tell me something about yourself that I might not know. A little secret :-)

Check out these blogs for the other giveaways:

Sheri doesn't have a blog, but will be giving her prize away at Scrapologie.

OK, here's the quiz:

1. How many layouts/projects do I have in the cherryArte gallery? (don't be tricked by multiple pics of one project!)

2. Can you name one of my layouts using cherryArte products which is not in the cherryArte gallery? (Using the links at the top of my blog might help)

3. Complete the titles of these layouts in the galleries of the design team members:

Corinne - Pinky and _____ _________
Heather - Popsicles ___ _____ ______
Kelly - Poolside __________
Loretta - ______ for _______
Maxine - ________ Bean
Sheri - ______ _____ Slide

4. Can you give the names of 2 cherryArte papers I have cut words from to make titles for my layouts?

5. How many new products are being released in Suite 4?

Chipboard sets?
Stamp sets?

6. What was the slogan used for the Tropics line of papers in the magazine ads? You'll find the answer on the cherryArte website.

7. Unscramble the names of these papers from Suite 4.

Amerc dan grusa

Tiqueld fromcot

Yespail messa

Vaaj molbos

All the correct entries will go into a lucky draw. Closing date will be Friday 20th October 2006, and the winner will be announced on Monday 23rd October. Good luck!


Suzannah :o) said...

...with a cherry on top is right! I have sent my quiz answers to you... and now the wait begins... hmmm a little secret to go with... I too am a teacher on leave, not sure I want to go back now that I have two beautiful kids of my own, and wondering why I keep renewing my registration LOL!

Courtney said...

i have just sent my answers to you as well. a little secret... umm, i am about to graduate from uni and i dont know what i want to do next. :)

Chris Millar said...

Fabulous giveaway Rett and CherryArte!
Cool idea about the secret. Wish I could type my secret in small letters!LOL I sleep with a teddy bear called 'Rocky'!LOL

Donna said...

What a great idea! Makes the whole blogging experience ultra-interactive. Good luck everyone!

Enjoy your 'giveaway' experience, Rett! How much fun is it making people happy with beautiful scrapping stuff?!

Donna said...

I just sent my answers to you to Loretta. What a fun competition. A secret ummmm... I am scared of flying.

Marieke said...

Oh my! serious eye candy to be won! Can't pass this up! So have just sent you my answers. As for secrets...(I can't believe I am about to reveal this in public) when I was (very much) younger and still pretty flexible I used to BITE my toenails. Yep that's right, not pick them but took my teeth to them. Oh how I wish my body was still be that flexible...

Row said...

I sent you am email Rett! Hmm, a secret? I started a blog yesterday after swearing black and blue that I never would again! However it's not fit for public consumption and may never be, so that makes it OK. *chuckle*

Anonymous said...

Wow Rett what an excellent idea, love all the new pps as well just gorgeous, can't wait to see all your layouts.

Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the opportunity Loretta and cherryArte. Have sent an email, now for the secret....I wear size 11 shoes and have freakishly long toes LOL.

Thanks again Loretta
Carolyn Potter

Angela said...

ok...i have sent you my email...and my little secret???? I don't mind sharing toothbrushes (in an emergency) ...but my DH does!

mich said...

Loretta, I have emailed my answers to you, now just crossing my fingers! .. and toes ... and legs... I have one big secret but I can't tell anyone here, sorry. But I can share this... I CAN, and I mean I CAN cross my toes! :)

Liz said...

Hi Loretta

I have emailed you my quiz answers.

My secret is that I am a long time lurker, long time admirer of your work.

Thanks so much for this opportunity to come out of the closet (so to say).

I have added CherryArte to my ever growing "favourites" thanks!

Keep up the great scrappin'.


Melinda said...

Hi Loretta, I have just emailed my answers to you. Now for my big secret....
Many years ago I visited a clairvoyant. At the time I didn't believe her and was very sceptical. But over the years a lot has come true. Like she said I would have three sons and I have, I would marry an olive skinned European and I did.

Leanne Stamatellos (lili saint) said...

you have mail - I'm done too !!

OK, my quirky secret is that I like to have all the beds made in the house and me out of my pyjamas and into normal clothes before we head downstairs for breakfast.

why ?
I have no idea !

vivian said...

what a fab giveaway!

my secret? little toes are so little you can hardly see them... :o)

Anonymous said...

What a fun competition. Sure makes blogging heaps of fun. I've sent you my answer and as for my secret, I breastfed my kids until they are 3 yo. :) - Vita T.

Patti said...

I have just sent you my answers.
Something about me ... bouncing on a trampoline gives me a headache - it's this weird head/brain/spinal fluid thing I have going on.

Sarah & Barry said...

Rett I have emailed the you my answers, as for a secret, ummmm I can wiggle my ears without my face moving, and move me eyes indepentely


DanielleQ said...

I've sent my answers too.
A secret of sorts - I think I am designed to feel slightly dissatisfied, (which is also a quote from Before Sunrise). I am constantly trying to define myself and I am getting to the point where I don't know what it will take to make me feel validated for my art and other skills - or why I need to be.

Rebecca said...

I don't know Rett...You must think I have brains. There is no way I could answer all those questions by Monday. LOL.

Good luck to all that enter.

Kelley said...

I had to have a go - I LOVE the look of them stamps and am itching to get some!!
A secret mmmm - I lie to my hubby about how much money we get so i can spend more money on scrap stuff - OMG!! Cant believe i wrote that on here!! LOL!

Theresa said...

I just sent my answers in!

a secret huh...
(is it just me or are there a lotta feet secrets!)

well, how about its after 10am and I am still in pyjamas!

Fiona K (Fee) said...

Hiya Rett,

I've sent my answers to you & have my fingers crossed :-)

Hmmm, a secret? I have an extreme fear of whitetail spiders. If I have seen one, for a long time afterwards, I am really careful to check floors, walls, bed, clothing & anything I pick up or move. Eeeeewww!!

Fiona K (Fee) said...

LOL at Kelley, I do the same! I DO spend family payments *that dh knows about* on bills, but dh thinks it is paid monthly, rather than fortnightly :-D

Anonymous said...

HI Loretta.....u have mail...from yours truly. LOL A secret....which one should I pick? embarassing one? I am PETRIFIED of snakes....I can't even look at picture of them because I swear they move!! We were out driving in Brunei one night and a snake crossed the road and my stupid DH drove over it....I screamed and raised my legs...and refused to get out of the car when we got back until he had checked all over and when I ventured out...I practicaly leapt from the car. He thought it was hilarious! I made him swear to secrecy....but now I guess the secret is out!


Jeni said...

Count me in too. Just love cA stuff.

Ok a secret eh? Geesh where do I start? I think I have most the secrets already shared. LOL

Suzannah I'm a teacher too. On permanentleave. Changed careers.
Countney I never have any idea what I want to do next.
LOL Chris. I sleep with the mobile phone but that's just in case work rings me in the middle of the night. Donna I feel for you.Never used to worry me. But since having kids the worse I am. Hmm Marieke toenails eh? Yuck! I can do the lotus position. Hee Hee! So did I about a week ago but haven't been back since.I resisted for so long. Vita mine were 3 1/2. Ruey I can absolutely relate. Ekkk!!!
LOL Leanne I think I need some of your secret.
Fee I love it! LOL My dh never sees my CC.I just feel the need to hide it. I'm not much of a spender really just that scrap stuff that gets me.

Ok is that enough. Do I get extra points for so many screts Rett? LOL

Mands Haynes said...

Hmmmm, my already know it, I'm a complete idiot after 11pm at night! Come on...I know you are laughing :-}

Alison said...

I sent you an email. My secret is not really secret but I don't know how to drive.