Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I started typing this post a couple of days ago,

so ignore that date!

The last couple of days have been a lot better, and thank you to everyone who has asked about me. I didn't end up taking any painkillers (except paracetemol), but the doctor has given me some anti-inflammatories. On recommendation from friends I'm also trying turmeric and vitamin c, which are natural anti-inflammatories, and some tissue salts. Things are on the improve and I'm managing quite well with the lower level of pain now. Now the goal is to catch up on the scrapping which I really need to do before I get too far behind, without doing too much and ending up in the same situation which got me behind in the first place!

While I scrap I usually listen to music, and I've been digging out my favourite "happy" music. One of the songs I rediscovered this week is Coldplay's "Yellow", so I was so excited to see Kate's project on the BB portal this week! So beautiful. Actually, all the tins the girls have decorated look fantastic. You can see them in more detail in the gallery.

Here's my layout from last week's portal. Not sure if you'll be able to read the journaling, but if you click on it you should be able to see a bigger image. The theme was our favourite book, and after a lot of thought I decided it would have to be Where the Wild Things Are. There are adult books that are really special and I will re-read often, like To Kill a Mockingbird, but they could never come close to the wild things. I have a bit of a thing about this book.

And just for fun, an old layout that was also inspired by the book. Well, I said I had a thing about it!

Coming a close second when it comes to children's books would have to be Dr Suess's The Lorax. If you haven't read this one - find it! My little sister used to ask me to read it to her over and over again, and I still remembered nearly all the words when I started reading it to my own kids. It has a great message, and is one children's book that should be in everyone's collection. You can read about it here.

The new Scrapbook Creations mag is out, and I'm still getting a kick out of seeing layouts in there that I got to see in real life at the convention in Brisbane. I'm going to miss that! Donna - we are going to have to make some sort of arrangement where you send your layouts to SC via me, ok? Your stuff just blew me away IRL!

Too many great layouts in there to list them all, but I must say I love Jeni's beautiful cover layout and astrology feature (and all the layouts in it, and Coby's gorgeous cards and coasters), and Donna, Melissa and Mel's features. Great colour team feature again, and I love that photo, Viv!
Talking about seeing layouts IRL - Ngaire's "Know" layout in the techniques team feature looks amazing in the mag - but you should have seen it up close! Stunning. And the "All Dressed Up" layout by Libby Morris is just brilliant.

Here's one of my design inspiration pages. I like this photo of Nic and I - we actually took it ourselves, setting up the camera on a tripod. But I'm not sure if I managed to communicate very well how I really feel about the differences between parenting the first child and the others - I trivialised it a bit I think.

Back to happy music - I'm pretty sure I have mentioned them before, but for some really great music you need to check out Jigzag. Juanita introduced me to their music after her sister brought back a cd from the Wintermoon festival in Mackay. We saw them live at Woodford, and seriously considered abandoning our families for a short time to follow them on their tour. Can acoustic/folk type bands have groupies? How pathetic would that be? Their music is such a pleasure to listen to. Joyous, and with so much feeling. You can hear a couple of their songs here.

More good stuff - thank you to Sally and Donna, who embarrassed me in the nicest way this week with their kind comments. You are both so lovely.


lusi said...

Hi Rett - soooo glad to hear you are feeling better - yay! Love that lo of you and nic - a beautiful shot.
Continue to mend ok? (Hugs) to you!
Lus x

Rachelle said...

glad you're on the mend Rett!
been thinking about you :)
the layout is gorgeous of you and nic.

susan j said...

I LOVE your work Loretta. Your creativity just blows me away!!

random thoughts said...

Hello Loretta
I'm so glad to read another person loves the Dr Seuss books with lovely messages. You should read (if you haven't already) The Places You'll Go by Dr Seuss. A fantastic message - especially for troubled young teens.

Ngaire said...

thank you for the sweetness regarding my layout darlin.,..

and I LOVE the new tshirt!!!!

glad you are feeling better too !!