Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Catching up

Thought I'd better post here before everyone gives up on me! Stole this idea from Roz's blog - some random bits and pieces. I can't organise my brain to do anything that resembles a cohesive post at the moment.

That's a photo from our local Jumpers and Jazz in July festival, which finished on the weekend. It's a festival which celebrates the fact that even though we live in QLD, we get to enjoy lovely cold frosty winters. The trees are dressed with "jumpers" and artworks which range from the very simple to beautiful works by fibre artists. This year the festival included a sculpture symposium, and even some ice sculpting, even though the day was so sunny and warm that the sculptures didn't last very long!

Busy scrapping month for me. I've been lucky to receive some fun and exciting opportunities - which I can't share just yet, but thank you to the lovely people in this industry who have thought of me - you know who you are :-) xxoo

Unfortunately my sciatica is still giving me trouble. I'm having physio and there are more good days than bad, but it hurts to scrap for long periods and that is really frustrating!

Because I've been a little stuck at home with this bad back, but I feel better when I'm moving around and doing stuff (I found after the first week that lying on the couch and watching tv just made me feel like doing nothing but lying on the couch and watching tv... funny about that) for some reason I have felt like baking. So I've made some yummy biscuits (cookies for the non Australians) called Sesame Munchies... twice in the last week. I'll find the recipe and post it later.

Here are some more ATC's from people I swapped with - I've had these for a while, and just finally photographed them tonight. I love having these little pieces of art from my favourite scrappers! Here we have, left to right: Leanne Ryan, Maxine Hazebroek and Charleigh Mims. Thank you so much, girls, I love them :-)

We're out of coffee, because I have been avoiding going shopping. It's now 8am, and this is NOT GOOD.

"Imperfect Lives" is due to come out late August, Early Sept. There will be three Australians with layouts in it - Juanita Walker, Vivian Bonder and me. I'm so excited about seeing it in print finally!

Love the latest How Dare You challenge, and everyone's beautiful work - go check it out! This dare is to use only B&W on a layout. Right up my alley, as monochromatic layouts, including black and white are my comfort zone - so I'm hoping to get something done.

Latest CD - Personality by The Sleepy Jackson. Review - Love it, but after half a dozen or so tracks I need a break. It has an easy, familiar sound and reminds me a little of Little Birdy in that respect, and funnily enough I read somewhere that the lead singers of the two bands are brother and sister.

Lastly, a layout. This is my techniques team layout from this month's Scrapbook Creations. Isn't dodgy just a great word? Juanita and I found this sign at the Folk Festival, and after walking past many stalls offering various types of readings, I loved the irreverance of this one!

Here's one of the dodgy underwear designs from the hidden photo. I wonder if other countries have a "map of Tasmania" equivalent? And I'm probably going to get lots of dodgy hits to my blog now, after putting that phrase on here....


Leanne Ryan said...

Great photo of the jazzed up tree in the main street Loretta. Hope your sciatica eases soon.

Cheers, Leanne

Roz said...

Love the random thing hey :o)

LOL@ the map of Tassie undies!! Great LO BTW!!

Hope that sciatica eases soon :o(

Elizabeth M said...

LOL @ the undies...

charleigh said...

glad you like my ATC!! :)
can't wait to hear your exciting news!! & i hope your sciatica eases up soon!
happy baking!! :)