Sunday, July 23, 2006


I feel like I've really entered the world of bloggers now, because I've been tagged by Suse.

1. How old are you? 38. How did that happen?

2. How many kids do you have if any? 3 - A 10yr old son, 8yr old daughter and a 5 yr old son.

3. Are you married, single, divorced, widow? Married to Pete for 15 years.

4. What is your occupation? Mother, scrapbooker, casual library assistant, registered teacher who hasn't taught for over 8 yrs (and maybe never will again...mmm... why do I keep paying my teacher registration?)

5. What are your passions? My family and friends, living a peaceful life, slow food, oh and I guess

6. Are you a dreamer or a dream seeker? I wouldn't use either of these descriptions for myself, but if I had to pick I would say dream seeker. I like to do stuff, not just dream about it.. ok this is sad, but now I have that song from Rocky Horror in my head... don't dream it, be it... don't dream it, be it....

7. Are you happy with the way you life has turned out? Yes, I'm more than happy with the interesting little twists and turns my life has taken. But there's still a lot of "turning out" to go. And I'm positive that I'll be happy with that, too.

8. Are you a scrapper and if so how many hours a week do you scrap? I wouldn't like to add them up. But I can tell you that I would probably spend more time thinking about, talking about and reading about scrapping than I spend actually scrapping. Now that's scary!

9. What do you want to do before you die? See more of Australia, and travel overseas.

10. What is your favorite food? Do people really have just one favourite food? I can't imagine it! I love good food and I couldn't begin to list all my favourites, so here's a short list:
A roast leg of lamb with veges baked in olive oil and garlic (cooked by my dh), and served with homemade gravy (made by me, because Pete doesn't do gravy)
A glass of red wine to go with the above dinner
Fresh passionfruits straight off the vine on a summer's day (I really must plant another vine)
Really good strawberries and cherries
Thai green curry
A good cup of coffee
Homemade pesto
Homemade baked custard, but not made by me because I suck at making baked custard
Date loaf like my nana used to make, with fresh butter
Really good dark chocolate
Pear flavoured jelly belly beans (I know this is terrible, but they taste better than real pears!)
ok, I'd better stop there!

11. What is the food you hate the most? tasteless tomatoes, margarine, mock cream that has the texture of whipped up vaseline, artificial cherry flavour, underripe bananas. I had a lolly the other day that tasted like the smell of band-aids. And I once had a red wine that tasted like the smell of black saucepan handles when they start to melt. There's a couple of culinary experiences I never want to repeat.

12. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? I really can't think of anything right now, but I know I have embarrassed myself on many occasions, so I've probably blocked it out!

13. What is the happiest day of your life thus far? The day I first became a mum - the happiest, most overwhelming and scariest day of my life.

14. Are you a neat freak? Or a dirty house cleaner? I'm messy, and I clean when the mess starts to get on my nerves, or people are coming - whichever comes first. Sometimes I need to invite people over just so I get the motivation to clean up. I like the kitchen and bathroom to be clean all the time, though. Well, almost all the time.

Ok, now to tag three people - how about these lovely ladies? Donna, Elizabeth and Ruth.

Now, in scrapping news: Have you entered the cherryArte trivia competition? Only a week to go!
Here's some new cherryArte - the Golden Haze line, and some of the new rub-ons. I cut the title from the "Togetherness" paper. The photo on the left side folds out accordian style to reveal another four silly photos.


kathie said...

LOL about blocking out your embarrassing moments! Probably 'fessing that you know that RH Show song on your blog would be one? (I'm a Rocky Horror show nerd from years gone by so I can say that ;) )
Yummy - date loaf like Grandma made. Hmmm. I need cake. Now. Must have cake.
See you Rett.

coloribus said...

Helleo, i'm newcomer in blog
Ilike colors of this layout , that's a funny composition !

Donna said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your answers, Rett! And thanks for the tag. My responses are now up on my blog. Actually, I think you kind of saved me...I had no idea what to post on my blog this week! lol! :)

btw- I love this lo. The photos are fantastic, as is the whole darn thing! :)

lusi said...

ROTFL!!! Rett, I cracked up reading some of your answers...especially about your fav foods and the lollie you had last week - lol!
Lus x

Anonymous said...

Rett, what an unreal layout, the photos look brilliant, goes really well with the PP. 15 years, unreal, Mike and I are on our 19th year, it goes so fast. Have a great week Rett.

Best Wishes

Mel Diener said...

remind me not to taste wine that tastes like the smell of black melting pot handles rofl..luv the description.

Great layout Rett...your work is always amazing.

charleigh said...

LOL!! loved reading your answers rett - esp. the descriptive food ones!! :)