Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Serial papercrafter

For as long as I can remember, I have loved playing around with paper. For many years my passion was hand papermaking. I'm sure Pete remembers that weekend about 20 years ago when I roped him into helping me make paper from one of those giant agave cactus things. It had the most amazing long fibres and made beautiful paper, but we ended up itching all weekend! Back then, I would use the paper to make collages or mixed media sculptural installation things, and I regret now that I didn't see the importance of making artworks that are meant to be kept, or even of the importance of taking photos. My passion for papermaking continued for many years, and led into using the paper to make cards and decorate little boxes. Then origami, and making paper lanterns, and various other little dust collecting things to hang around the house.

Which leads me to why I'm so happy about this class. Here's a sneak peek of "Flower Power". This class is me in my element - making pretty things from paper for no particular reason at all! Sure you can use them on your scrapbook layouts, or cards or stick them on the wall or something. Or you can just leave them in the tin and admire them. We'll be making flower, leaf, butterfly, star and heart accents. There's a heap more that you can't see in the photo, including a gorgeous little bird.
I'll also be sharing some more "flower power" ideas from my albums.

These are the kind of things that I've loved making for many years, but many years ago finding materials was like a treasure hunt. I can remember there being *one* dedicated papercrafter's shop that I knew of in Brisbane which sold printed papers, and I would save bits of wrapping paper and be so excited if I managed to find mulberry paper somewhere!

Oh - almost forgot! If you are coming to this class, bring a white pen. I forgot to put that in the program. I'll have a few spares, though, if you don't have one.

Sneak peeks :-)

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susan j said...

Do you know because of you I have suddenly found the need to go and bye some vellum? Well, I haven't actually gone to get it yet but I WILL!! I love everything you do and that's so NOT fair!!