Thursday, June 22, 2006

I need to remind myself

sometimes of the important things, so that's why this layout is here today. From this month's Scrapbook Creations.

This is my baby. But I can't really call him a baby any more, as he's a 5 yr old school kid. A couple of nights ago I babysat a friend's two delightful little girls. It was so easy - they went right to bed when they were supposed to, and I was able to sit and read a book, watch tv, have a cup of tea - while Pete was at home trying to get our slightly-less-cooperative-at-bedtime children organised.

So last night I was cranky that Max wouldn't go to sleep in his own bed. Even told him that he was naughty. I don't know what I was expecting when we have allowed him to fall asleep in our arms for 5 years. Anyway, all was forgiven when 1am rolled around and like clockwork, he crawled into bed with us.

It should be so easy and natural - why do we have to have these big human brains that worry about silly stuff like that?

Not sure if you can read the journaling, so here it is:

Yes, you are almost 5 and quite
capable of being put to bed on
your own, but this is how you
still fall asleep many nights.

I guess many people would
say that we're spoiling you.

I just know that I will never
in my life regret the hours spent
watching those little eyelids
grow slowly heavy,
and kissing the top
of your sweet head.


Alison Shearer said...

I also have a child who would rather be awake than asleep (and she's 8 now) so I completely understand.I stress about her going to bed at a civilsed hour and sleeping every night in her own bed etc but sometimes I remember that soon enough she will be all grown up and I will miss those snuggles and fun times - so c'est la vie!! It was really good to meet you in Brisbane too.

Alison XX

Trina said...

We've been very lucky with our kids sleeping. But reading your journalling makes me wonder what we've been missing out on. Love it.

Marie said...

I say enjoy it while you can, Rett. Sometimes, my two still fall asleep in my lap (especially the youngest - he's also 5) and I love it. I know only too well that they grow up and don't find Mummy's lap comfortable anymore. So just enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

abby co-slept with us in her first year and at times we misses seeing her the first thing in the morning. now even if we wanted her to snuggle with us in bed, she refuses. love the layout

Anonymous said...

Love this LO Rett! I say if you enjoy the cuddles, then do it!

And I just saw....a RAK for me?!?!? Whooopie! I will PM you my addy via BB.

Sally M

Rachelle said...

beautiful page rett!!
really hits home with me.
my oldest still falls asleep in our bed, and the youngest comes to sleep with us sometime in the middle of the night. good thing for king size beds.LOL :)

Donna said...

This is so divine. I love the layout and the sentiment. Time goes so fast...I know it's a cliche, but it is just SOOO true. Thanks for the reminder that these moments ARE precious.

Anonymous said...

Hi Loretta, I love your layout, it is beautiful. Both of our children co-slept with us, I do not think it spoils a child.

love Coby

kathie said...

Beautiful layout! Jamie falls asleep on my shoulder most nights at the moment. I love being able to look down at his peaceful little face after he's fallen asleep.

lusi said...

Hi...just popping by your blog to say how much I adore your work - been an admirer of your creativity for quite some time!
Thanks for all the inspiration!
Lusi x

Chris Millar said...

It's amazing isn't it? I had terrible sleeping problems with Annaliese, but now that she sleeps through the night I find myself sitting by her bed some nights watching her sleep and sometimes even wanting her to wake up so she can give me one of her squeezy cuddles!LOL Your journalling is brilliant Rett!

Kylie B-B said...

Loretta, this just beautiful! I think that in today's society, where everyone seems to want to rush children towards independence, times like these are so very precious. One of us still lies with our 3 year old to get him to sleep, and both the 3 year old and the 7 year old climb into bed with us.

I love your work, and your style, it is just gorgeous! Thank you Chris M for leading me over here :)