Monday, June 05, 2006

I love mail.

ATCs from the people I'm swapping with have started arriving. And I'm feeling terrible because I have a heap sitting here made and haven't made the trip to the post office yet. Firstly, my sewing machine cracked up after I sewed through some thick chipboard, and the tension wouldn't come right. I eventually fixed it up, and then ran out of thread. Anyway, all is well now and I have put some together, so they'll be sent this week.
It's feeling a bit like Christmas at the moment. For one reason, because these wonderful little goodies are turning up in my mailbox. And also because every year at Christmas I have great intentions to get in early and send beautiful handmade cards with long letters.... and end up hastily replying to the ones I receive and posting them on Christmas Eve.

So here is some of the stuff that has made me smile when I collected the mail (sorry about the bad photos taken on my kitchen table, but I did at least put a clean tablecloth on!

These are Elizabeth and Viv's beautiful ATCs, and Viv's handpainted envelope. Thanks guys - such gorgeous work - made me so happy when I checked the mail that day. I love having a little piece of your beautiful artwork of my own :-)

Today, this amazing parcel of goodies arrived from Rachelle. Rachelle is a friend I made at 2peas. She is so talented, and does the most amazing artsy stuff with her layouts - you can see them here. And she's a really lovely person, who I'm enjoying getting to know via email. Thanks so much, Rachelle - I'll email you tonight :-)

Also today, I received my product kit for the "Flower Power" class I'll be teaching this weekend. Addicted to Craft is supplying the kits, and they have been extremely generous - these kits are valued at about $60 retail! We'll be using all these goodies to make some gorgeous flower, star, butterfly and heart accents. I got my products at lunchtime and got straight to work, so I should have some sneak peeks of what we'll be making soon. For now, here's a piccy of the kit.
There are still places available in this class and my other one, and you can now book single classes for $65, so if you are thinking of popping in to shop on the day, you can also take a class if you like.

One of the things I'm most looking forward to this weekend is seeing Jeni again. I've been chatting to her by email, and I got to meet her at ISC, but only briefly as she was a day delegate. I'm hoping to be a class helper in Jeni's classes - they look fabulous. She is doing a class called "Delicious Memories", in which students will be decorating a gorgeous treasure box tin.

The other class is called Doodling 101, and sounds like heaps of fun. Jeni had a great article on doodling in a recent SC, and her work is so beautiful! I asked Jeni if she would let me share some sneak peeks here, so here they are.

Well, I'd better get back to work!


kathie said...

Hey, I can't believe that you have a blog! I was just commenting on your sneak peek LO on 2peas and saw that your siggie had a new link in it. And here I am! It must be such fun to collect the post at your place at the moment :)

Anonymous said...

ooh lucky you! is'nt viv's envie a piece of art all by itself? wonderful stuff..i'll go check out rachelle's gallery

vivian said...

those kits look yummie and i too love to receive parcels! totally makes my day when the postman rocks up with yet another little something! have fun with Jeni on the weekend!

Anonymous said...

yep, i love parcels too. i can't help but wonder if my postie knows it is not pizzas in those boxes that he puts in front of my


Anonymous said...

Hey Gorgeous!!!
finally I get a chance to check the Blog!!! Goodluck this weekend- not that you'll need it coz they'll all love you! Talk to you (esp now you have java!)