Friday, June 30, 2006

How Dare You!

Sorry about the cryptic last post - It's been busy here lately, and I didn't have time to type too much!

Anyone who has seen my little Book of Me will know how much I love doing dares or challenges. It was originally the Effer girls from 2peas who inspired me to try some new topics for these pages, and whenever I have some spare time or I'm looking for inspiration, I head on over to their dare blog to see what's happening. Love those girls! Another dare blog I have been watching with much interest because heaps of my favourite scrappers are over there is "How Much is Too Much?" I haven't had a chance to do one of their challenges yet, but I hope to soon.

So when Suse asked if I wanted to be involved in an Aussie dare blog I jumped at the chance. You can read all about our plans for the blog in the opening posts over there. We're hoping to make this something fun, non-competitive and inclusive. Somewhere where we can all let loose and inspire each other with some new and probably crazy ideas. We'd love for you to join in and inspire us - and of course you don't have to be Australian to participate! You can send your layouts to Susan at and we'll set up a gallery to show everyone's work.

The girls have already started posting their layouts, and there's some fabulous work there - check it out :-)


Corinnexxx said...

Hi rett, I so wish I had some time to do all these dares, love them all so much, but I don;t have the time, lol.


viv said...

cool! i'll see you there! ;o)