Friday, June 23, 2006

Have you checked out

the link for the Scrapbooking Raffle for Breast Cancer Research over there in the sidebar?>>>>>>>>
Ngaire is doing an amazing job in organising this, and has gathered a very impressive list of prizes, all donated by scrapbookers and scrapbooking businesses. It's easy to be in the running to win - just give a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, then email Ngaire to let her know, so she can put your tickets in the draw. For every $10.00 you donate to the NBCF you receive one ticket in the big draw. If you donate $50.00 you get 6 tickets in the draw, and if you donate $100.00 you get 12 tickets in the draw.
While you're there, check out her new blog banner - I love it! :-)


ngaire Bartlam said...

Thank you my darling!!!!
LOVE the tattoo layout!! I know a great place.. and i will come with you! :))


nic said...
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