Friday, June 16, 2006

Convention pics

Finally getting around to uploading some more of the photos from the convention!

Here is the Scrapbook Creations stand. Please notice the beautiful colour co-ordination of the layouts on the Jeni, Lorraine and I spent a lot of time on that! I felt so lucky to be looking at all this beautiful artwork in real life - I'm so jealous of Jannah and Leanne who get to open parcels of them every day.

Sorry about the glare on your layouts Viv, Elizabeth and Leanne - it was really hard to get a good photo with the lighting there!

Here's Donna trying to hide from the camera:

And here she is chatting to the lovely Zina, who popped in for a visit:

More photos in the next post, but for now here are some pictures of what we made in the "Flower Power" class, with lots of gorgeous Chatterbox, Maya Rd, Kaleidoscope and May Arts goodies provided by Addicted to Craft.


Angela said...

Hi Loretta, I was lucky enough to see your work irl at the was mindblowing! Just had to let you know!

viv said...

Those butterflies look amazing Rett! I REALLy would love tho see one IRL. MIght have to fly to QLD for just that! :o) Thanks for taking the pictures!

Chris Millar said...

Wow, those flowers and butterflies look terrific Loretta! I love your layout with the new CA in your previous post too! Thanks for posting the pictures of the SC stand, I wasn't sure if they ended up taking my layout or not, but I can spy it in your photo! YAY!

Donna said...

Me...hiding!? Never. lol!

These flowers and butterflies are truly even more stunning irl. As were ALL of the lo's in the display.

Thanks for sharing these pics, Rett!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Loretta. Good to see the display.