Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Back home :-)

And I still have bags and boxes strewn all over the floor. Had a great weekend at the convention and I couldn't have asked for lovelier women to spend the time with than Jeni, Lorraine, Jannah and Donna. Here's a little piccy from Saturday night when Leanne Stamatellos came out for dinner with us. I got to see Leanne's layouts IRL at the convention and her work is so stunning! :-)

Got my new SC today - I've been waiting on this issue as it contains my very first Design Inspirations feature. This month's is inspired by music, and I'm sure it won't be a surprise to anyone familiar with my work that I chose this topic first!

Here's one of the layouts from that one - can you guess which cd cover this one is inspired by?

I also have a colour feature in this issue. This layout was one of those that have tricky colours which don't show up that great in print, so I'll give you a sneak peek of that one too ;-)

Lots of fantastic features and work in this issue. I was lucky to see some of them in real life at the SC stand at the convention. Donna's Altered Photos feature will be the first one I read - after seeing the amazing work she does on the weekend she's inspired me to learn some photoshop skills.

More convention news and photos coming up when I get my act together. I've come back home to lots of deadlines which were put aside while all the convention planning was going on, so I'd better make a start on some of those!


Anonymous said...

Oh Loretta! That James Blunt inspired LO is totally amazing!!!

Sally M

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS layouts, loretta. love the sweetness to me one. might just have to buy the mag to have a closer look:)


viv said...

too cool i tell you.
way too cool!
loving it!!

Rebecca said...

Well I was coming here to say I have know idea which CD inspired the layout, but now Sally M has given me the answer. I guess the next question is "Who's James Blunt?"... just remember my grasp of modern culture was removed with the birth of my first child. LOL

You are naughty to tell me I HAVE to buy SC this month. I am a budget and not allowed to buy anything scrapping realted until ISC!!!!

Leanne Stamatellos said...

Thanks Loretta for your kind words about my layouts - I was in awe of how beautiful your work is - stunning, elegant, full of wonderful thought and talent. Your layouts need to be seen to be really appreciated - breathtaking.

I saw so many beautiful layouts at the convention - it was great.

Peta said...

ROFL Love the inspired layout Loretta, you've totally blown my socks off with those two layouts!! Glad you had a great time at the convention!! :)

Rachelle said...

lovin those pages!


Katja said...

Beautiful pages Loretta! Great to hear you had a good time at the convention.

Roz said...

Hi Loretta!

Well it was just so wonderful meeting you on Saturday! Just a shame I didn't have more time to hang around for more of a chat.

And I was totally in awe of your work- I mean, I knew it was amazing, I'm always loving what I see in mags, but to see it IRL was incredible!!

Love your SC article too :o)