Monday, May 29, 2006


Yes, another post. I thought I should practise this blogging thing. But don't expect me to keep up this amount of posting :-P

I have been thinking about how superstitious I have become in recent times. Not number 13, black cat, walking under ladders superstitious, but just strange, random things. Susan asked us on BB who was thinking about entering the big scrapbooking comps this year, and I realised that the main thing stopping me is my superstitions. Last year I intended to enter them, but each time I chickened out of a comp, something else good would come along. So I have become a little superstitious about not entering.

But it doesn't stop there. I really, actually do believe that as long as there are a few clouds in the sky, I have the power to make it rain by leaving the washing out.

I have a lucky necklace. It is a fairly plain little garnet and silver one I bought at the blues and roots festival in Byron Bay last year. Maybe it was because I bought it there, and I never thought I would be lucky enough to get to go, or maybe something lucky happened when I was wearing it one day. Who knows?

Yesterday I completed a layout rather quickly while listening to an opera cd titled "Bravo". (Great CD actually - it could be subtitled Opera for Dummies - Anthony Callea, Ten Tenors, that kind of thing). Because it worked the first time, I played it again and did another page. Then I played it again. Didn't work so well the third time..

Anyone else superstitious? Humour me please.


Anonymous said...

Loretta, you are definitely not on your own on the superstitious wagon!
:) AL.

viv said...

this post made me giggle! i like to think i'm not superstitious at all and often i go right against the sayings... as in: oops black cat, ah well and stare it in the eyes... and our flight out of Holland was on Friday the 13th; so many people were crossing their fingers that day apart from us! lol... :o)

jeni said...

Superstitious? Hmmm, not really too much of a believer in fate.

Having said that I never walk under ladders, broke a mirror last week and just hoping I'm not in for 7 years of bad luck and got my license on Friday 13th. LOL.

Elizabeth M said...

I'm not hugely superstitious but I'm more into rituals... mum used to never let go of my hand in the shops but we'd put our arms over things like bollards and say "bread and butter" which I now do with Isaac. (I should actually ask mum why lol)

Rebecca said...

Nope, can't humour you LOL

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I have never entered any of the comps either, nor any DT calls except for BB, and a few big things came my way this year!!

Anonymous said...

Woops the above comment was MINE

Sally M